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Simple question, which do you think is better?
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    Hi Op,

    I prefer Google Docs, but Word has it's place on my desk top for sure. Not to get all crazy, but I also use Open Office ;/

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    I've just switched to Google Docs after using Word for almost 20 years. I love the completely thoughtless portability, please I'm also experimenting with delivering my clients' articles to them via Google Docs.

    Joe Robinson & I did an experiment a month or so ago where we did a trial share on a doc. We found that you were able to access it with no Google account as long as the URL was shared with you from the doc creator, and that Google has even included a chat feature into each doc so that they can be changed with both parties watching and editing.

    It makes revisions and collaborations simple to say the least!

    -- j

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    For my money Apache OpenOffice - The Free and Open Productivity Suite is about a hundred times lighter weight than word, and is so much more useful for what I do (e.g. ebook creation).

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      Recently I am using google docs. Before using google docs I was using MS word. Actually I think both are best on their field. MS word is best for offline use and google docs are best for online use.
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    Google Docs, Word, Pages, OpenOfice.. they're all good for different reasons and have different strengths and weaknesses. I use all of them in a given month usually.
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      I am a Microsoft Word person, I always have been and probably always will be. I tried Open Office but did not like it at all. I quickly went back to Word. I've never used Google Docs - I may try it sometime just to see how it is.
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    Originally Posted by TimGreen1 View Post

    Simple question, which do you think is better?
    Better for what?
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      Originally Posted by kenzik View Post

      Better for what?
      I probably use Word Documents more but I just wanted a general idea of what people think is better
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    MS word has been and still better choice for vast amount of people who don't have active net connection. Its better for offline use and people are used to it. I'm not saying Google doc is any less good as Word but its for expert use only who are efficient. In our area internet is not that available yet, so we have to depend on word for our daily works.
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    Microsoft Word is still the top choice since most people are using it.
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    Definitely Docs because it's easier to use and it's built for use of many people. It's definitely friendly for businesses.
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    obviously google docs because Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you and your students to create
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    I've just started using Google Docs and not only do I love it for it's simplicity but it allows you to work anywhere in the world on your docs as it's using Cloud computing.

    James Scholes
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    If the document can be viewed through internet, I prefer Google Docs.
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    I use Google Docs but backup every time I revised. Because one time I got shocked by suddenly lock my file (the one I'm just in editing). After clicking re-check request hundreds time without response, then after 2 days my file was secretly be opened...

    Anyway, be sure to backup your files well when using Google docs.
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    Both have their own importance.in my view MS word is more user friendly.I depend a lot on it for my daily works!
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    I'm a recent converter from Word to Google Doc's.

    I just love that you can always access your documents, no matter what internet device you're on.

    My only problem with it is that I find it runs a lot slower than Word does. It might just be me... but I don't have slow internet. I just thought it would be faster than what it is.

    - Trevor


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    Welp.... I came in here to say Word, because I've only used Docs like once or twice.

    But considering all of the Google Docs love, I'm gonna have to give it another go.

    I tried Open Office before, but it isn't a great replacement for Word IMO unless you're trying to save a few bucks.
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    AS an independent entrepreneur, I prefer word. The less Google involvement the better.
    Don't we all depend on G enough?
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