Short vs long emails?

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I was wondering something and wanted your opinion on it.

I have been building an email list for a few months now but am still trying to get the hang of it.

I feel like everyone uses email marketing to point people to a website (be it to a salespage or an actual informative page)

Should I do that or do what Ive been doing which is write long emails where basically I treat it as a blog post, usually without a link.

Im not sure if I should do this because I might be training my subscribers not to click on links and they might find the long emails too long.

What do you think?

Should I make a blog (depending on the niche of my list), write content for it. Build a list and point them to the blog post...


Make my emails THE blog post instead of pointing them to a page?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks~
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    The best way is to send them to your blog post. Send a broadcast e-mail out to your list and tell them you've got a great new blog post and you want them to leave their thoughts in the comments.

    I say this because if you're providing great content on your blog post, you want your e-mail list to leave comments on the blog. This helps generate traffic from Google.

    Google loves blogs with fresh content in comparison to static webpages. Comments on blogs are considered fresh content, so you're more likely to appear in a Google search result.

    Of course, once you start getting organic traffic to your blog, you can capture more leads to your e-mail list.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Hope that helps.


    Entrepreneur and Mixed Martial Artist
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    I suggest short emails, time is money. People don't have the time to read everyones long emails. Also, pointing them to your site is a good thing. It will help with your rakings on Google. Something you definately want.

    Intergrate as much as you can.
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    Short wins for more than one reason.

    You'll just have to trust me.

    (PS: You shouldn't trust anyone.)

    But trust me here.
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    For example I have an internet marketing related list currently but have no blog related to that now so Ive been sending them the tips through email.

    Should I make a quick blog now?
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      Originally Posted by kytro360 View Post

      For example I have an internet marketing related list currently but have no blog related to that now so Ive been sending them the tips through email.

      Should I make a quick blog now?
      If you haven't yet, then I probably would and use the blog posts you create going forward as your main source of "email content".
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    I agree. If you have a long winded email that's as long as three emails, you're killing yourself now. Make it short, to the point, and point them to a post. It helps your traffic, and for those that want to read, they have the option to read your blog, whereas those that won't, will get all of the brief, necessary information from your email without clicking the blog link.

    Just make sure if there are any links you're promoting, that you do so both in the email itself, and on the blog post so that you have a better chance of converting from each end of things. Hope this helps.

    And trust Sarevok on this one.
    -- Absorbing & implementing. Need hip hop beats for your business needs? Hit me up!
    -- Posting my experiences and so forth with my own blog.
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    Short email that sends them to blog post works best. Email is like the text message that sends them to the real phone conversation, the blog post. When you send them to a blog, their defenses are lowered, because a blog is often seen as 'non salesy'. Better yet, have a video on the post. Also, they leave comments on the post and this gives you instant social proof. This is what Frank Kern calls the 'triangle of trust' - a combination of email, blog, video.
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    My personal preference from people who email me is a long email which is an interesting read. I get thousands of e-mails which are all short and uninteresting. They will use some sort of gimmick to get me to open the link to their squeeze page or blog. Frankly they just go to my secondary e-mail box and I never read them unless I want to search for something I can't find and then I will go through them. The only subscribe e-mail that I read is from a copywriter who talks about his observations on life and how they affect his business which he then ties into a page on his blog which has a squeeze page selling a product. He also has the e-mail as his latest blog and if you reply to his e-mail it automatically comes up as a blog comment on his latest blog which as I mentioned is a copy of his e-mail he sent out. That way his subscribed prospects and blog visitors are literally on the same page. Basically in my opinion short e-mails only work with newbies who are not already jaded. So assess your demographic and choose your weapon


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    • Hi

      I would agree with the majority of the posts above, that short is preferable to long. However I would put in one small rider that it should contain enough to at least start building/keeping the relationship with the individual, so they have at least some reason for not just dumping the mail.

      All the best in your endeavours.

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    • First, let me say that I'm as busy as the next
      person when it comes to doing what needs to
      be done to make a living online.


      The assumption that people don't have time
      to read long emails, or simply WON'T read long
      emails is bogus.

      People don't have time or WON'T read long
      BORING emails! Or a lot of emails that only
      contain a sales pitch (after getting so many
      of them).

      Think about it - people read long books. They
      watch long movies. They even read long blog
      posts, so why wouldn't they read long emails
      if there is something to hold their interest?

      Now, I'm not saying write a long email simply
      because you can, but say what you have to
      say in as many words as it takes - AND NO

      In ten years of testing emails with many different
      lists, I've discovered there is no hard and fast
      answer, but an email that tells an interesting
      story gets more clicks as a rule than a short
      "You need to grab this!".

      I just read an email from Willie Crawford that
      weighed in at OVER 5 PAGES, and not only
      read every word, but I clicked on the link
      after I read it. (I didn't buy from the email
      because I already have access to the product)

      The important point is - even though I already
      had the product, I read the email anyway
      because the story just grabbed me by the
      eyeballs and literally forced me to read it.

      There's another email from Dr. Mani I read a few
      minutes ago (that brought me to the forum, by
      the way) that boasts a full 1,281 words and just
      touches the 6th page.

      I read every word, and clicked on his link!

      By the same token, there are emails sitting in
      in my inbox that I opened and the first line
      didn't grab me, so I closed it and went on to
      something else.

      Your message has to interest your readers if
      you want them to read and click on your links

      The second you fail to grab their interest - or
      keep them interested, that's the instant you've
      lost them - no matter how long or short your email is.

      I've had experience that if you send your list
      INTERESTING emails, they'll read no matter how
      long it is, and if you have a track record of
      sending interesting stuff, then on occasion, a quick;
      "Check this out! I just found it and I think you'll
      like it!" message might do just as well.

      In my experience, it's all about the message AND
      the relationship you have with your subscribers
      as to what they'll read and respond to.

      There's no way one can just say only short emails
      or long emails and be 100% correct.

      You have to TEST -TEST-TEST.

      And yes, it's a lot of work, but believe me, if
      you're not doing it, your losing most of your

      And I never send an email without a link - even
      if it's just a link to my blog. I want my people to
      always have a call to action in the email, and I
      never send an email without repeating that call
      to action in a PS.

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    I'm a short e-mail person.

    Unless you've really made a name for yourself in the niche and know people love and will always read your stuff.

    If I open up an e-mail and find a long e-mail with bulk after bulk of text, I'll delete it straight away.

    People don't have time for long e-mails anymore. Give them a snippet of the blog post, link to the post, and then let them continue reading it on your blog.

    - Trevor


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  • I guess it's difficult to know without knowing the contents within the email, but as a general rule of the thumb I rarely read long email UNLESS I know the person behind sends good stuff. If it's just the typical promo email, then I won't read through 5 paragraphs just to click on an affiliate link.
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    What do you think?

    Should I make a blog (depending on the niche of my list), write content for it. Build a list and point them to the blog post...
    Yes, that is what you should do.

    We all have ADD nowadays don't have time to read long email, no matter how good the content is.

    People often scroll to the end of the email to see how long it is and then decide whether it is worth reading.

    Less is often more when it comes to email.

    All the best.

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    I write a mixture of long and short emails.
    But don't write super long emails and treat it like a blog post.
    I put my blog link into my email & blast it out to my list.
    That's what working for me right now.
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    Most people would recomend short emails.
    In the short part try to make a description of what the article is about and then redirect them to your blog. That wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    Sometimes I write the first paragraph of the blog post in the email, and then have a link saying READ MORE, which takes them to the blog.

    p.s There are emails I get from some people, like John Reese which can be pages long, but are worth reading. If it is really good, then people will read it. It also depends on the niche. Younger people don't like long text in general, so video works well. Do you look at your aweber stats to see which get the best response, this is the only way to REALLY know.


    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    There are 3 types of email i send to my list.

    >> Content email
    >> Free gift email
    >> Promotion email

    Content email is contains information regarding the niche. I break it into mini paragraph and bullet points so it is easy to read.

    Free gift email and promotion email are just short emails telling them what is it.
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    I hope all those people who voted for short emails didn't read
    all the responses in this thread, otherwise they would be
    negating that view.

    So interesting that many people who say short is better spend
    so much time reading long threads on the WF that are 10X
    the length of a "long" email.

    It's not short vs. long, but interesting vs. boring.

    And easy reading format vs. dense text

    -Ray Edwards
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    You need to do both long and short. Sorry to complicate matters.

    People do read long emails if they know they are going to be good content. However, if your emails are always long, they may think - I'll come back to that later, and not do so. This is the reason I would mix it up.

    Try to put something in EVERY email which the subscriber needs to click - either to see a picture, or a video, or as you suggested to a blog post. This way, you are TRAINING them to click your links. This will get more traffic to links when you monetise them.

    If your post is simply information or education - monetise your PS. with a link.

    This does not have to be aggressive, but if you have trained people to click, they will click!

    Paul Dunstan

    UK Psychology Teacher Strikes Back For The Newbies!
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  • It is people's preference . Isn't it?
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    It doesn't matter what so ever people will read if they want to read.
    Why do I say that? Because simply that's what I do, and I am one of the
    People right? Try to think like your customers get in their head.
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    Your long emails could be receiving negative reactions and boring to your list. Get a well defined objective why you are sending emails to your list in the first place. Send short email message to refer your list to your blog (info or offer) designed with their interest in mind. In this way, your list will enthusiastically visit your blog or website to see what you have for them; thereby, ultimately increasing your business profits.

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    Short email is my choice too. Personally I don't really read through the long emails. Unless it is interesting, but I may not know if its interesting since I may not read most of the long email.

    I have read somewhere regarding the tips of writing emails. One of the tops for writing a long email is to structure your email to be easily readable. Having 1-3 sentences every paragraph. Make the sentences short. Give space to every paragraph. When your email is long people tend to skim through before they read the email. So, if the reader can pick up one or two interesting points they will continue to read the whole mail.
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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    I know everybody hates the sentence but ... IT DEPENDS ... :-)

    Whenever I start anything I decide what I want to have as an outcome ... do you want to sell them something? Then make sure that their EYEBALLS meet your ads!

    Have an adsense blog? Write a short blurb about your new blogpost and send them there, next to your Adsense blocks ...

    Want to promote Affiliate stuff ... make it a story and spread it over multiple emails ... create tension ...

    Just want to give value? Decide youself ...

    Just keep in mind that you are writing to real persons with real interests! Never bore them and train them to do what you want ...

    If you want to make them click on your affiliate links it is incredible usefull to give them valuable stuff like PDF reports etc. for free ... but make them click a link for this! When you send an affiliate link to them they will be happy to click and read too
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    Hi all, this is a 2012 post but I thought it's still relevant today as it is 3 yrs ago.

    What are your thoughts or test results shows?
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    I would shorten the email length, give them good information, then link to the sales letter page at the end of the email.... then increase the rate of email frequency - if you haven't already.
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