If your PC/Mac/Android/WHATEVER gets stolen, track it down with PREY (100% FREE)

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Why am I posting this in Main Discussion? I'd say the answer is obvious.

If your PC gets stolen, as an internet marketer, your BUSINESS just got stolen as well. You need to get it back, and FAST.

So I think it makes sense to post this in the most popular area of WF.

PREY allows you to remotely control your devices to lock them down if stolen.

It also takes screen shots of what the thief is using it for, it takes photos of them with the webcam (if your device has one), it tracks their location, and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

Check it out & download it now for yourself.

I just installed it on both my laptops and my Android, and this thing is AWESOME!!

Open source anti-theft solution for your laptop, phone and tablet – Prey
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    Sounds like an awesome program. Will check it out.
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    Words cant even describe how awesome it is. lol

    Word of advice tho - if you choose to lock the device (or any other action), it will lock at the same intervals as your reports are set up as, even if you don't report it as missing.

    Because of that, I've just disabled the locking/alarm/etc actions - I figure screen shots, nearby Wi-Fi spots, geotracking, and all the other reporting functions are more than enough to do justice should anything happen.

    Plus you can always remotely shut it down if needed.

    But yea, I hope everyone who sees this gets the software - This is truly a life saver for IM'ers.

    I read thru some of the "Located" stories, and all I can say is HELL YEAH. lol
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    Heard of this once over the news when a man recovered his stolen Mac. Good program.
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      Wow how can something like is be free? Needless to say I will be using it and passing the link on to anyone who will listen. Great find!
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        Prey is a great tool, which a have worked with extensively in a business environment. But remember "free" comes with some prices for example the free versions sends your data to their servers over plain http. Something te keep in mind with this kind of data. Only the paid version offers encrypted ssl. (from prey server to your phone prey client is already encrypted)
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    Yeah, I'll probably be upgrading to the $5 per month plan sometime. I don't have too many devices that I'd need to monitor so that will do just fine for me.

    But the free one is great to start out with!
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    I like the lookout app also
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      Thanks for this post I will definitely be checking this app out for my iPhone. I would hate for it to be stolen.
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