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If you produce one video and submit the same exact video and description to various video sites, I would think this would be the same thing as Article Syndication, where google does not punish you for duplicate content.

Yet ive seen some Video Submittal software and services, with spin features for the description.

After all, YouTube wouldnt be considered a video "directory" would it?

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  • If this is any indication, big G does not seem to care on the videos

    All videos on the top

    This guy had a ton of bad reviews, now all the videos that are exactly the same just plowed them off the first page.

    But I did not do this, and have not done it for main stream keywords, so not 100% that there is no dup penalties.
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    Why don't you test it and find out? Who care's about Google. Everyone seems obessesed with ranking in Google. Screw them like they screw us with their Algo changes. Start getting traffic from other sources. If anything, by submitting to multiple video sites you should get some traffic from the multiple video sites.
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    kc33, I second that thought.. Your purpose of making a website is to give information to your audience, not G00gle. They could care less about your white-hat links and still punish you so why not advertise, promote, market to what you feel is best for your business.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. My goal when uploading videos is to get as many eyeballs on them as possible asap.
    Youtube is the big player in the market but using syndication services like TubeMogul/Traffic Geyser will help you get a lot more clicks back to yours sites a lot faster.

    Like mentioned above test it for yourself and weigh up the benefits but from my experiences I haven't anything negative to report.
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      Use it as long as it is working for you....10 years ago there was no concept of duplicate content....most of the link building methods were "white hat" then......a number of the authority websites we see now would not have been there, had they not spammed to begin with.....So focus on things which are working for you right now...don't worry too much about the future updates.........
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    Originally Posted by denutza View Post

    After all, YouTube wouldnt be considered a video "directory" would it?
    No it wouldn't. I have many thematic tube-style autoblogs that syndicate the relevant video content from youtube and other video sites which have XML feeds and allow to embed their videos.

    No problems with Google at all.
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    I doubt Google could have a problem with overlapping or similar videos. However, I suggest you split test it yourself in order to play it safe. Personally, I do not think it is a problem
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