An idea for those not wanting to go to college:

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Reasonably often I see threads about people not wanting to go to college, but instead would rather work on their IM business.

Just an idea: why not go to college and major in business management (or something similar)?

The most valuable bit of advice I was given when I started out in the IM industry was: "Remember, this is a business."

Business management skills will transfer well into IM, and anywhere else you want to take your business in the future (remember, IM of today will not be anything like IM in 20 years).

Just a thought for the day, for what it's worth!

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    I completely agree it is often too easy for people to take their online business less seriously then a traditional brick and mortar business because they are working from home and it is much more of an elusive type of business model.
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  • Education is changing, and I believe for the good in many instances. Traditional college, whether it be for business management or any other major, has only two real values, make connections and get a piece of paper to use as a marketing tool to get a job.

    IM is easy to learn and it is cheap if you want it to be, all you have to do is apply yourself to doing it.

    We have been conditioned that we should finish high school and go on to college. I am beginning to lean in the direction that this is not the best way to go unless you want to be a cog in the wheel. There is too much out there that will allow you to learn outside of a university. We can throw all the garbage classes out the door and get to whatever we want to learn; learning it the way we want to learn. This gives us the freedom to create, be successful, and ultimately will be more rewarding.
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      Originally Posted by PassiveIncomeTeacher View Post

      Traditional college, whether it be for business management or any other major, has only two real values, make connections and get a piece of paper to use as a marketing tool to get a job
      I currently attend the University of Southern California, as well as pursue my dreams as an internet marketer. I think you are right, the connections to be made at universities are very valuable. The only thing that I disagree on is your comment about getting a piece of paper as a marketing tool.

      I am not sure whether or not you have attended a university, but if you did, then you would know the amounts of hours, days, and weeks that you sacrifice in order to get that degree. You are conditioning yourself, day in and day out, to solve complex problems, network outside of your comfort zone, handle multiple (and very difficult) tasks and assignments, and show that you can accomplish something that was extremely difficult and took a very long time. It shows dedication to bettering yourself.

      Trust me, I am a deans list business marketing student who had to take a "humans and their environment" class, so I know that we have to take some classes that are pretty far away from what we want to actually do with our lives. However, the skills that I am learning at my university have not only opened doors for me in the realm of internet marketing, but also in the realm of the real business world. If, for whatever reason, internet marketing dries up (something catastrophic happens with Google, laws are passed to keep information products held down, you never know), I will be able to quickly and relatively pain freely step into another field because I have a degree, a piece of paper, that symbolizes the four years of sacrifice and hard work, living in South Central Los Angeles, that I undertook in order to set myself apart from competition and become specialized in one field, and very proficient in others. The degree is not a marketing tool, it is a symbol that represents the kind of person you are, and what you have accomplished. That kind of thing does not need to be marketed.

      This was not meant to start an argument, I just think that there is a major difference between a downloadable 6 week course on marketing, and a 4 year education from some of the most intelligent and accomplished minds in the country. Its not the paper, its what the paper represents!

      BTW... its summer break, so I will probably think different when school starts lol.
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    Cheers on that, I totally agree with you. Today's generation is the type that wants to skip some steps and end up big in whatever they land on. The learning-to-application process is always the best road map to success. You'd be an extremely lucky guy if you succeeded while using a reverse process (application-learning).
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    I probably shouldn't voice my opinion too loudly, because I actually started doing a Bachelor of Computer Science at uni. While I was doing it I started a computer busniess on the side to support myself. The business became successful and I found less and less time for uni, and eventually deferred it, and continued on with my business.

    I've had quite a good career working for myself and for other companies.

    Having said that, my emphisis has always been on business management, and that's what has really helped me make my internet business a success - offline skills do translate to online skills.

    And from what I understand of college, why not run an IM business on the side while you enjoy the things like keg parties and Cancun that college offers?

    Sure, I didn't finish uni, but those days I'll always remember!

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    It is great topic..

    If you are growing your business in IM than that means you have time to go college..

    If you go to college than you can find good hidden niche as well..

    I left my college far back and now I have no change to go back again.. cause it will be difficult to cope up with new people
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    If you are coming out of high school and have the opportunity to go to college, GO. Once the family comes along it's so much harder to go to school.

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      I went to college for Accounting and Business Management. Didn't quite get my degrees, thanks to an untimely divorce, but what I learned is priceless. I always knew I wanted my own business. I just didn't know what type when I started college.
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