Am I on the right road with my service?

by LingP
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If you drive sometimes it's nice to have someone there to read the map. If you are focussing on the road and possible dangers ahead then having a comforting voice next to you in saying "next exit" or "2nd right" means you can concentrate on getting there without too much distraction.

This is the feeling sometimes I feel with marketing my service. I have just started (6 weeks online) an online English school where people learn via Skype. I have an onsite wordpress blog so I can build some decent content and hopefully give people a nudge towards buying an online course.

I know the following things to be true:

-- I have a good quality service that is very competitive on price.
-- I have been updating the blog every day with good content and am beginning to appear on the top 3 pages of Google for some decent keywords.

This is where I'm at after 6 weeks, I'm quite sure I'm driving ok, seem to be going in the right direction but I've got no map reader so for all I know I could be completely obvlivious to the fact that I took the wrong turning off the driveway!

I have faith in my service, I believe in what I offer is good value for money but my questions are:

1) Should I continue to upload every day the quality blog content with hyperlinks to previous posts?

2) What more do I need to do, other than commenting on blogs here and there with my link (albeit nofollow often..) and trying to get people on Facebook and Twitter to like/follow me so as to (painstakingly) build up the followers and potential buyers? How do I get the word out there about what I do? Is what I'm currently doing ok?

Any input would be great, thank you.
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    Are you getting in front of people who need to learn English?

    Could you be doing webinars to explain and offer your service?

    Writing a blog alone will not be enough to attract customers. Find people with lists of potential customers who could use your service, and partner up with them to present your service.
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    At the early stage its about targeting your services. Content to establish credibility is important, but alone it will not launch your services business.

    Jason's suggestion is a good one. It's faster and can get you some momentum. Trial offers could also be a way to go. Hope you succeed with this!
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    Hi, you may think about building a list. Compile a free ebook on how you get to rank in a decent ranking as a newbie. Capture their emails, then email your quality content to the subscribers and continue to build relationship. You probably read everywhere that the money is in the list.
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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    Thanks for the replies gents. Really appreciate it. I like the webinar idea, need to push on with that in the next few days and think about giving them some things to take away from it so that they want to come back for more.

    I'm interested about the ebook suggestion. I notice that a big emphasis on many posts on this site talks about these. Are they really that good? I know a bit about these in that you need a squeeze page (think that's the right terminology...) to get it but maybe I could add something to the blog to act as that. What would be the optimum number of pages for this ebook and how differently would I push that compared to the blog and existing courses (free and paid content)? Thanks again
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    You are now talking about list building which in my view is the best form of marketing.

    If you have a blog and it is getting traffic you can place an opt in form on your blog and dont necessarily need a squeeze page. The optin needs to be clear and above the "fold". You get the optin from an autoresponder (eg getresponse or aweber)

    The idea is to give away a freebie for an email address. The freebie could be an ebook or it could be a small video series about your subject or it could be a list of resources that you recommend on the internet. Basically anything that brings a heap of value to your customers

    50 website resources about skype etc.

    Hope this helps
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    Don't give too much freebie. You may have a lot of traffic to your squeeze page or blog because they are looking for freebie and not buying anything. Just provide more useful tips and information to get them to see your email. It is a matter of time they will buy your products and services when built trust with you. Make them have the impression of your website have a lot of useful tips and information they have to open your email instead of just freebie.
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