My Advice For Those Looking For A Niche To Promote (After Doing 150+ Keyword Research Projects)

by KateD
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Hey Guys,

As someone who has done over 150 keyword research projects for Warriors over the past six weeks, I have come to realize which niches that Warriors are interested in, and which niches that are actually profitable (in terms of the amount of available high demand/low comp keyword phrases).

I'd say that half of my customers choose a tightly focused niche, while the other half chooses a large mega niche (like weight loss or debt).

What I have seen is that those who get the keyword lists in the mega niches are generally much happier with the results.


Well, most smaller niches, although having the opportunity to easily dominate, just don't have the amount of search volume to provide NUMEROUS keyword phrases.

There may be a few gems, but usually just a few.

People who get keyword lists in mega niches get a different outcome.

Because of the massive amount of search volume, and interesting pattern almost always develops.

Not only are there tons of high search/low comp keyword phrases, but usually there will be a few "keyword phrase groups". They create a subniche (within the mega niche) that stills gets tons of search traffic.

Mega Niche: Weight Loss

Keyword Phrases Group:
- losing weight after pregnancy
- post pregnancy weight loss
- how to lose weight after pregnancy

Subniche: post pregnancy weight loss

And sometimes, there are several of these subniches within the keyword phrase list.

So if you are having trouble choosing a niche, my advice is to pick a mega niche, and within that mega lniche you will find several subniches that will be less competitive than the main niche, but still have high search volume.

Much Success,

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    Good Advice KateD
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    Hi Kate,

    That's interesting, I've come to very similar conclusions after researching for my own projects etc over the last few years...

    It's great to see someone else back that up!

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    Once you pick the mega niche, finding the profitable subniche becomes easier (and fun).

    I know it seems backwards, but it works for me.

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    --->I can also write other fiction (horror, romance, mystery, etc). Just ask me, I don't bite. :)
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    Local searches are good too
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    For us its totally true, we are in plastic surgery and try breast augmentation...forget it
    But breast implant costs is a great niche. Totally better to be a small fish in a BIG pond, and its big because it is filled with buyers..good post
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    hey Kate,

    That is a very good point. So many people get bogged down trying to find the super targeted niches that they missed the real money. I personally stay in larger niches. Why? Well, in my opinion they is just more money.

    That's not to say that you cannot make a good living in a very niched down niche. But, in my experience it is much more profitable to go for the larger niches.

    Anyway, thanks for the great post.


    Shannon Herod
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    That is some sounds advice you have provided. I've always had some fantastic success with many of the broader niches (insurance, debt relief, loans, weight loss) and as you point out once you start getting into the weeds for each of those broad niches you see where you can begin to dominate and carve out your own peice of the lucrative pie.

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    KateD I agree with what you say! Markets like weight loss have numerous affiliate products to promote and lots of longtail keywords as well to target. Smaller niches have less competition, less searches, and ultimately less affiliate products to promote.
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    I will be looking for those sub-niches. Thanks.
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    This is great advice, thatnks
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    Thank you for those tips Kate, there are always new elements to learn when selecting a niche for sure! Its always simply a matter of sifting through the existing information to find something more specific. The health niche is always a profitable niche to target and its always expanding and changing. Thank you for your post!
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    Thanks for your great advice, Kate

    "Well everything about finding a profitable niche always need long time research"
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    This is really very informative, I have to say. A lot of strategies can be applied for different plans, but i have to say yours really work well.
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  • I love it! I was taught starting out to promote CB products with mid range gravity, because they are less competitive. Well, those niches were failures for me.

    I then went with my gut and created some niche site around the most competitive niches on the net, and they have been my money makers.

    Dont be afraid of the competitive niches. People are in them because they make money. If they didnt make money, they wouldnt be so competitive would they?
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    Great advice KateD, I think mega and sub niches for specific locations works well too

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    Good post KateD.

    Why rely on being totally on the money to nail a small niche, when you can at the very least stumble into a nice piece of the incredibly big ones?
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      Originally Posted by BigHef View Post

      Good post KateD.

      Why rely on being totally on the money to nail a small niche, when you can at the very least stumble into a nice piece of the incredibly big ones?

      I think a lot of people get scared by the competition. Sure, its much easier to dominate a smaller niche. But if that smaller niche is only getting searches for 50-100 searches a day total (with all keyword phrases), then its going to be very difficult to turn a profit.

      It seems paradoxical, but there is much more money to be made within the super competitive mega niches. Its all about finding subniches.

      Why Aren't You Making Money On Kindle With Erotica?

      --->I can also write other fiction (horror, romance, mystery, etc). Just ask me, I don't bite. :)
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    very good advice there, thanks

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    Thanks Kate for the great advice!

    David Richardson

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    Exactly, what you have explained is very difficult for most people new to SEO to wrap their heads around. But it is THE key for getting as much free traffic as you have time to manage to write some decent content.
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    Hi Kate,

    I totally agree! Think about it. What if one had the same mentality of going for "small" niches in the offline world? You'd only have McDonalds or Burger King and no other independent hamburger joints.

    I say dive right in and go for it. If you think about, there's really NO bad niche if it's deep and wide. In my opinion, if there's Adwords being spent in that niche then you can bet there's money being made in it. Again, pick ANY niche where there's money being spent and you can make some money! It's not that hard folks! :-)

    Kate, thanks for sharing your research!

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