Do You Know Of Any GOOD PLR Sources That Provide FULL PLR (i.e You can resell PLR to the products)?

by Andyhenry 8 replies
Hi Warriors,

I have a ton of material with various rights but I have a project which requires decent material that's fairly recent and that there are no restrictions on. I want to be able to give PLR for these to my clients wherever appropriate. I'm not intending to necessarily just pass them on unaltered, but they need to be good quality and not have restrictions on what I can do with them.

Anyone know of any?

I know there are tons of PLR sources but most of them do not allow you to give PLR to them, so most of the usual places are not suitable.

If I need to I'll just create new stuff from scratch but I wanted to see what my options were before I do that.

Thanks in advance for any sources.

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