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Every site I see on Flippa follows the same format. $1400 in 9 days, site is 1 month old, no organic traffic or seo done, and to find out how they generate traffic you have to buy the site, THEN they tell you the "secret."

Are there ways to fake the revenue reports? How is this stuff verified? Do you ever REALLY know for sure that what you are buying is going to generate anything for you after the money changes hands?

And why if these sites are making so much money on auto-pilot are the owners trying to sell? The standard answer is, "I have too much going on with other businesses and sites that i'm working with." I see so many sites that are supposedly generating 2-3k a month, yet the BIN is $2500. Things are just not adding up.

Has anyone actually had any positive experience with buying a site that is actually generating passive monthly income?

I respect the opinions on this forum greatly, and look forward to the replies.

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    just check website backlinks and you'll understand if traffic organic or paid or something else
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    I've seen too many of those and to tell you the truth, I don't trust the sellers as far as I can throw them. I won't buy a website blind. I want to know where the traffic is coming from exactly and how revenue is made exactly. That secret line is pure BS.
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    Yeah, a lot of these earnings will not be from the actual sites, but a site "just like" the one for sale. I wouldn't trust it. Anyone who has a legit site that makes 1900 in 9 days wouldn't be selling it for much less than 50k..

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    Hello tentimes. If it sounds to good to be true it probable is. You can get an overview of the website for sale clicking on the "View extended due diligence data for this listing
    Description" link which is helpful.
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    flippa is 90% junk

    I always use the over one year old filter, but then that stuff tends to go for more.
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    You have to be careful on Flippa. Do your research on the site and ask for a screen cast of the actual revenue and traffic generated from the site for the period in question. Look at their profile and establish how long they've been on flippa and you can check the other sites sold by the same seller.
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