Do you use any of your PLR products?

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Do you use any of your PLR products? Just been looking through my hard drive and come to think of it some of the PLR is solid such as Mailing List Profits

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(not my site)

The sales page looks dated but the product is solid and will probably stand the test of time.

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    Yes, I do use the PLR material I buy. I rarely buy PLR and only buy it when I have intention to use it.
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    I buy new PLR content every week..

    It's always handy to use for trending topics, external blogs... and for fresh ideas.




    p.s. Obviously ALL PLR needs to be re-written for best results... I wouldn't use it fresh out the box..

    Bare Murkage.........

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    Hi, Michael:

    I subscribe to a Private Label Content service (see my forum sig) and I do use the PLR in a couple of ways.

    Since I am a writer and prefer to write my own blogs, articles and website content, I never use PLR as is. I use it on occasion as additional resource material for what I write, or I might use it to get some ideas to spark an article or blog.

    The service I use provides PLR in a wide range of categories, both general and niche related. Not everyone likes or approves of PLR, but I think it does come in handy for ideas and research.


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    I also use my PLR products especially PLR articles using my own script to generate several websites easily. Sometimes we neglect the value of PLR articles and reports because we thought that it don't have enough value cause by so many people that own it.

    One time while playing with an idea of submitting an article pack and just changing the title of it to article directories I was shocked that they accepted it. It means so many people don't use the articles. Ooops, this was too long ago.

    I also use PLR articles to create blogs to free webhosting sites that have an FTP account just to have backlinks.

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    I'm interested to get some PLR as well, anyone have recommend place to get that ?
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    Hi Michael, I have started using raw PLR for blog and rewriting articles, sometimes they just give me an idea on what to blog about.

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    I'll chip in here to mention that I, too, use PLR content--much in the same/similar manner as described by GK, above. However, before I spend money on prewritten material, I do take pains to be sure that the quality will meet my standards--which are generally pretty high--and be adequate for whatever purpose I intend to use it. I'll add that so far--over the past several years--I have not had to look further than the Warrior Forum for really solid PLR material.

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    Most think of PLR as only a content source...

    I use PLR to do niche/keyword research. Then when I find the money words within the niche I edit the PLR content to fit.

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      What really surprises me is that many PLR authors don't use their own material - it's a goldmine that is frequently overlooked.
      I was wondering the exact same thing... I thought it
      was something like an unspoken rule that you can't
      use your own private label material.

      On the other hand, I know of people who take a lot
      of their existing blog material and repackage them into
      PLR to sell.

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    i use PLR products to create websites. it takes a littel time but it's worth it. a simple little rewrite to remove fluff and avoid duplicated content and i have myself a website that gets farily good traffic from search engines.

    Please read the Forum Rules affiliate links are NOT permitted

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    I use PLR for certain things, but I try to just purchase it when I need it. You can tend to get huge packages out there with thousands of articles and never really be able to use it. Information overload.
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    PLR is always useful for me, whether to provide information about niches that I'm interested in or to provide inspiration for new articles or blogs that I can set up. I use it for templates sometimes and then write my own version of it to make my unique content! A great resource that shouldn't be underused. Good thread!
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      PLR is an incredible tool for niche marketing. I can create a 20+ page niche site super fast with re-written PLR. And I stretch it out. I'll use a single PLR piece and turn it into web content, a podcast, a video, add it to an auto responder series, and more. It's a great tool. It is amazing that very few people actually use the PLR products they buy.
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    PLR can help you grow you business I think its a must to have around
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    Don't stop after putting PLR content to your site and article submission sites.

    Create videos & podcasts off those PLR and submit them to tens of sites too.

    You can use the same content over & over in many ways to maximize the benefits.
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      I haven't been using PLR products, but after reading the comments on here I might have to have a rethink
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    PLR Content has been a huge timesaver for me. Having it as an option, even if it is just to subsidize your own content is a must for me. The trick is to start with quality PLR and take the time necessary to tweak it to make it unique.

    I got so tired of weeding thru PLR junk that I finally started my own site. If any of you guys are looking for something in particular, let me know!

    Quality PLR Content Solutions

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    I closed my own PLR membership site after I realized that 90% of my members used 10% of the material, and wound up with literally thousands of useless articles on their computers - never to see the light of day again.

    It's nowhere near as profitable, but it is much more personally satisfying to be able to provide people with *only* the PLR materials they want, without burdening them with stuff they don't want or need.

    For this purpose, Tiffany's site that Jay mentioned above is excellent. I'm starting an "a la Carte" PLR service as well to replace my long-defunct membership site. (See sig.)

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    Hi Mogli,

    Depending on the type of PLR is it...but it is legal...You may want to just double check the license of the material you purchased.

    Regarding the topic, I use PLR in my emails, on my sites and in my blog posts. It saves a lot of time. But I also have a ton of PLR on my hard drive collecting dust. It is so easy to collect it.

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    I use them from the 'PLR warehouse' at contentboss. Saves me the trouble of having to modify them before use.
    Signature - automated article rewriting software gives you unique content at a few CENTS per article!. New - Put text into jetspinner format automatically!

    PS my PM system is broken. Sorry I can't help anymore.
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    I'm always looking for good stuff to add as bonuses for co reg master.

    Why reinvent the wheel and create my own stuff, when someone else already did the work?
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    But the trick with PLR just is that you reinvent the wheel, otherwise you just can't ride the ride. The only sensible way to use PLR articles, ebooks, audio or video, is to give your own twist to it, to add extra stuff, to combine some things. That way it gets some extra value. And we don't end up pushing the same packs of PLR around the net all day.

    Yours, warriorly, Ed

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  • Yep, PLR content gets used here! Of course, it's used according to the license and is customized for my business.

    Since I also offer PLR content, I'm very aware of using other people's work as they intended it.

    Depending on the niche, some PLR is "evergreen", like the content the OP cited. All you have to do is rewrite according to the license and you're in business.
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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