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Amazingly, all the threads popping up asking about "PayPal alternatives" all have members mindlessly spewing "AlertPay" as an alternative to PayPal...

This empirically shows that many members listing this service 1) have not used AlertPay in a long, long, long time or 2) don't really have any up-to-date knowledge (or continuing education as I coin it) regarding viable PayPal alternatives.

First, AlertPay is NO MORE:

(It's going to be "Payza" now)

Second, AlertPay was besieged with MASSIVE problems for more than a year now, in effect, taking AlertPay out of the "processor alternative" category for quite some time now.
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    Just yesterday I had opened a Payza account & what a pain it is to get any customer support as & when you need it. Some services do not have Paypal & I hope whatever problems Alertpay suffered in the past are not going to carry on with Payza. This customer service bit I know goes with the changing technical territory of its new domain or whatever, but with a bit of luck it'll actually work right one day.
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    I've never had any issues with Paypal (touch wood)
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    Better use 2checkout as Paypal alternative.
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    Anyone tried ? They work very good.

    I have had my issues with paypal every now and then.. Like now they putting my payments on a 7 day hold from all my Ebay auctions. I just don't keep a large balance there

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