Youtube Videos immediately Rejected (terms of use violation)

by blackjack 10 replies
I am trying to upload Amazon Product Review video to Youtube and each time it is rejected with "Rejected (terms of use violation)".

The video is just powerpoint slides with product picture.

Anyone else having this problem. Spent 1-2 hour so far without any success for 2 minute video.

Any help would be appreciate very much.
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    This may seem like a silly idea, but have you tried reading the terms of use?
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    Not sure if anybody here can help with the information provided. No way to know "what" you have in your video.

    I'd start with reading the YouTube TOS. Have you read the TOS?

    Jason Anderson
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    It can't be outright promotional. There has to be some value in it for the surfers

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    Yes look at the terms and conditions here

    Terms of Service - YouTube

    It could be condition 7.7 you are breaking and may be the product picture that Youtube is picking up. Try loading without the picture or any other 3rd party material that is not yours and see if that is causing the problem

    Best of luck!
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    Thank you to all for replies. I know & understand Youtube TOS. I have uploaded similar videos before. This is something automatic done as soon as the uploading is finished. The first messagae is your video is uploaded and when you click the link it says the video is deleted.

    Then I checked through Video Manager, the video is there along with other 200 videos but has red mark next to it with "Rejected (terms of use)"

    If the video was rejected hour later or day later then I can understand that someone at youtube watched it and they rejected it. There must be some auto flaging this and wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem.

    So have youtube changed anything recently that causing this problem. Please don't just say "read TOS" or "it is commercial video".
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    Put an amazon affiliate link in the youtube description (direct link, or shortened link or redirect or cloaked one) and your account will be banned immediately.

    Try uploading the same video without the link and it WILL STICK.

    Problem is many people uploaded animoto style videos with amazon link in the description. It just resulted in a ton of spammy videos on youtube. So I guess youtube has banned it.

    However well established partner accounts do put amazon affiliate links in description and they have no problems with it.

    Best way is to drive traffic to your amazon review site if you want to make use of youtube's power.
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      Blackjack, you've been around long enough to know how many people post about TOS challenges without going to the trouble of actually reading the TOS for themselves, so you can understand why that's the initial response you got.

      My guess is that Chris is on the right trail. Similar to the copy checking process many sites (EzineArticles, for one), I'm guessing that YT is picking up on the product image source and that's triggering the response.

      On top of that, there are video services that forbid using free versions of their service for commercial purposes (Jing? Not sure.). In fact, some outfits don't even agree on what 'commercial purposes' encompass. Is a sales or pre-sell video like yours commercial? Or does 'commercial' mean a video created as a sold service?

      You might want to ask YT what's going on, but seeing as they are Big G's creature, there might be some risk if you have similar videos already.
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    Maybe its the format or size of your video,
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