Anybody have experience promoting self-help gurus like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, etc

by anthm
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I believe many of the big guns in self help have affiliate programs. I know Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield do, plus they all have many books that can be promoted through bookstores.
Has anyone ever used these programs and found it profitable? I ask because I was debating a sub-niche in self-help, and besides looking at clickbank I am trying to figure out how the more famous gurus would fit into the mix before I decide which way I go. Thanks for the help!
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    Never dabbled in the self help niche. Seems lucrative but crowded.
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    Just an opinion: One of the hardest niches to promote is pure self-help. Unless you have a buyers list of similar products, I've wouldn't invest 5 minutes in that niche.
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    Yes - it is difficult, but not impossible

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    Thanks, I agree that it seems difficult and definitely crowded, so I was trying to see what my options are to sell to this crowd. I think it could be done only if I had a very unique angle like "self help for ______" where I target a very narrow, specific crowd, but then at the same time finding products that appeal to them. I am interested in this subject which is the only reason I am considering it, but I won't jump in without a clear plan. Thanks again for the feedback so far! Keep it coming!
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  • Well I beg to differ. There is one self-help guru I know that does make a decent income for itself and its affiliates as well. You can try Jafree Ozwald and Enlightened Beings!
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    Self help is a very, VERY broad term. Sort of like "making money" and people seem to be doing okay with that one, if you get my drift.
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    Originally Posted by anthm View Post

    Anybody have experience promoting self-help gurus like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor
    Disclaimer: this is not my niche at all and I probably don't know what I'm talking about.

    It seems to me, that if I were venturing into it, those would not be the guys I'd instinctively want to be looking at promoting: they promote themselves only too well. The whole world has already heard of them (the whole world of potential customers for them, anyway). I'd be much more drawn to the idea of promoting people whose sales pages/websites/books/interviews/videos my potential customers haven't already seen. With no disrespect to anyone and absolutely no aspersions cast at all (and especially not about Brian Tracy, whom I like!), I think I might have far more chance of being paid the commissions on the resulting sales, that way, too?
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    Thanks for all the help!
    Alexa you made very good points that have resonated with me.
    It is too easy to find them, I would be promoting something they would not likely need to buy through me.
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      Hi Anthony,
      Great question..I think that it is very smart to leverage these gurus...They have influence..people respect them...and ultimately, alot of them do help people transform their lives so they add value..
      For myself, I am priveleged to have Bob Proctor as our companies business what that means for me is I get free coaching from him, leadership training and get to physically see him a few times a year...I definately leverage his influence for my business because people want to be apart of what I do because mentoring from Bob is a major add value to yourself when you surround yourself with successful people and you grow too.
      So for sure...this is a smart thing to do in my opinion.

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    Self improvement is a tough niche. It's not quantifiable (did i spell that right?). You can easy switch niches... but you probably already have your heart set in operating in this niche. If so, then good luck, and be prepared for alot of work.
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    So what did you decide to do about promoting the likes of Jack Canfield or Brain Tracey in the self improvement niche. Has promoting the self help niche been a profitable experience?
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    I'm also interested in this self-help market and was wondering what approach would work best for someone just starting out.
    eBiz Mastermind Group. Interested? PM me for details.
    === To a successful year and beyond!! ===
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  • Lots of young guns in this niche, too. Maybe start with them now and grow with them as the old guard retires. Not sure who has affiliate programs, though.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    I agree that this is a very difficult niche to make money in if... you don't know the right process. And believe me, I learned the right process more or less AFTER falling on my face many a times. And I'm referring more towards the "spiritual/energy work" niche within self help.

    First, it has to be a niche that you are passionate about because if you are not then others will see right through that rather quickly. I'm genuinely interested on what I write about and teach, therefore it doesn't seem like work.

    What is most rewarding is that you can touch people in positive ways and you don't get the angry frustrated crowd that feels ripped off. Most people are happy to hear from you and there is a good sense of energy and creativity that goes around, and sharing that is cool.

    As much as I dislike marketing on Facebook, it actually works quite well for my niche and I"m able to drive leads daily from there. It all varies on what sub niche you are aiming for. And yes, you have to be really focused on a sub niche to really make your offers convert.

    Feel free to PM if you'd like to get more info on my niche and what I do. All the best.
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      Rather than approaching this as a stand-alone niche, consider offering self-help products to your customers in other closely allied niches such as weight loss, body building, sports, and perhaps even to biz-opp seekers and marketers (MLM or network marketers especially gobble up motivational type stuff).

      In addition, these products have been successfully marketed by affiliates to churches, corporate executives, college students, personal and athletic coaches, as well as to those experiencing life stages, traumatic or life-changing events, financial loss, bereavement, etc.

      As with all competitive (or seemingly "saturated") niches, it ultimately comes down to understanding your targeted demographics and how well you can relate to their own internal narrative.
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    I beleive that most of them are one hit wonders... I would keep an eye on trends and not guess. Where we guess we don't make money.
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