Need Advice: Email etiquette when talking to webmasters

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I'm new to article exchanges with other webmasters. Is it generally advisable to paste the article right inside the email, or attach it as a .doc file? I think I would prefer the article right in the email but am not sure if this is what others would prefer.
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    I usually got my articles from writers who sent them like an .txt file attached in the email.
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      Attaching a .doc file may be one of the worst ways, particularly when making a cold to lukewarm approach. Using macros in MS Office docs is one of the most popular ways of spreading viruses, and many email clients block such attachments.

      I prefer to get articles pasted in the email in plain text. Raw html code for links is okay.

      If you think you have to use an attachment, use something like .txt or .pdf, something that won't set off warnings.

      And if you absolutely, positively think that you have to use .doc, put it in a zip file. This will (usually) get it past the ISP and email client blockers, and make it easier to drop in a virus checker before opening.
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