Facebook's new monetization strategy?

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I was just browsing my FB news feed, and there smacked between news from two friends was this:

Almost looks like at some point I've "liked" the Lexus page, right? Well, I haven't. And I even double checked to make sure I didn't inadvertently do so at one point. (I didn't.)

Is this a new monetization strategy? There were rumblings that once FB went public, we'd see more ads.

Personally, I don't mind, just like I didn't mind when the WF used to have text ads between forum posts. But I bet some users are going to get irritated if the ads do, indeed, start showing up in the news feed.


ETA: Also makes me wonder if these ads are going to be available to people with more modest advertising budgets than the likes of Lexus.

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    History usually shows that big sites like FB get greedy and sell out big time when there are share holders to answer to.
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    Really interesting -
    I see a lot of people moan about the commercialisation of FB, and in the same way that people joined when it got past a tipping point, might they leave just as quickly?

    I know people that have left saying they had had enough, so if people think 'my friends aren't using it anymore' might the usage drop just as quickly?

    I sort of doubt it myself, because people have used it to reconnect with so many people from their pasts ( I know I have)that they may well put up with frustration rather than kiss goodbye to all those renewed connections - there would need to be an accepted alternative first.
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      I remember reading that fB had planned to start placing paid ads within the newsfeed to monetize for mobile phones (which don't show ads in a sidebar).

      Advertisers who know how to create engaging and viral content should do extremely well with this.

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    Did you talk about cars or Toyota with someone on FB recently? It's weird they would show a woman ads about cars. I mean, I am not generalizing or anything but given the choice of pitching an ad about cars to a random woman or a man, it'd make more sense to target the man.

    And I'd be pissed if ads started popping up on my feed without being labeled as an AD.
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    Shark Boy, nice to see you around again.


    Rashell -- that makes sense that they would put ads in news feeds for mobile users. Looks like they're starting to test it with a wider user base (I'm on my desktop right now).


    Sumit -- I mainly use FB to look at pics of the nieces and nephews. About the only things I post are "happy bday" messages. And my current handful of "liked" pages mainly deal with animals.

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    You probably see that ad based on your gender and age group. = )
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    If you liked the page inadvertently, then somehow they're using a click-jacking script on the site.

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    I don't think I would mind seeing those either, because you will eventually see what you want to see when you get on Facebook.
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