If you were me, how would you "internet market" yourself?

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I am a fully licensed mental health professional. I write a column every week for a large mental health website and have been for years. I have a PhD, work as college professor and have published over a dozen research articles in scientific journals. I just started a blog where I write about my research interests.

My blog has about 600-700 unique visitors a month so far. I have adsense and amazon advertising. I don't want to sell mental health products from clickbank because I have not tried them so I don't feel that I can ethically promote or recommend them, at this point.

Does building a list mean allowing people to "subscribe" to your site? If I do not sell a product, then do I need a list?

I am patient and I know it may take a while to generate any income from my efforts. I am okay with that.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could be marketable or make any money with my skills, If you were me, what would you do?

Thank you.
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    I think the world is your oyster particularly with using webinars. Great niche, brilliant position. For those others in the same niche you are very handy to know for creating interview material & much, much more. I shall not attempt to try give advise about your site because I need to be sorting out my own (as well as not qualifying as a pro-IMer [yet] - but there is hope for us all).

    P.S. I love science reviews (I devour them) if ever you need someone to create additional content to simplify what you posit to a different non-academic audience (using your material), I would gladly oblige.
    Be HaPpY, LuCkY & Successful in life!
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    PM Sent! Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    If I understand you correctly, you are just trying to get clients in your area. If so, then you can do advertising on Facebook in a local area. But, if you want to reach a wider audience, then you'll want to build a subscriber list. Down, the road, you may decide you want to sell products of your own-basically packaging what you already do so you can work less and not lose your income base. I hope that helps.
    Ellen Violette
    The eBook Coach
    Turn your message into money! I'll show you how to create, communicate, connect, and convert subscribers into lifetime buyers to build a 6- or 7- figure business.
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      You don't necessarily have to build a list if you aren't interested in promoting products. If it's only clickbank products that you don't want to promote, then you could always opt to promote products from other websites like amazon, jvzoo or digiresults.

      But, if you don't want to do affiliate marketing at all, building a list is not necessary.

      But then building one and starting to form a relationship with them right now, will help you immensely down the road if you decide to change your mind

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      Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.~ Walt Disney.
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    You don't need to be an affiliate marketer to me a list building. A list can work to your advantage in many ways. Or example, you have want to send to your list a specific article that you have written on a subject that you are very pationate about. Your list will get to know and trust you. Perhaps down the road you may write a book and want to advertise to your list. If your list is large, and you have been communicating with for some time, they will trust you and want to purchase your book online. It is important to market yourself and to intergrate.
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      I would start list building because you don't know if it could ever come in handy. You may and probably will change what direction you're going over the next few years.

      To make extra money you could sell your services to people all over the world through low level ebook products and high end consultations through skype or webinars.
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    If I paid you could you write articles for me?
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    Originally Posted by little grey View Post

    I just started a blog where I write about my research interests.

    Does building a list mean allowing people to "subscribe" to your site? If I do not sell a product, then do I need a list?

    Do you have any suggestions on how I could be marketable or make any money with my skills, If you were me, what would you do?

    Thank you.
    Just some random thoughts based on the snips above (it's late and I'm starting to lose my focus) :

    The first thing you need to know is who your readers are. Why are they coming to your site? How are they finding your site?

    There's a big difference between other academics reading your blog and consumers with problems they are desperately trying to solve reading your blog. Other academics might be interested in consultative services, expert Q&As, expert witnesses, etc. Whereas consumers would be more interested in "how to" products. Without knowing your readers, you won't know what to market.

    Maybe you have this data. If you don't, surveying them should help. Of course, it's easier to survey subscribers than website drop-ins. Another reason to build a list.

    Raising a child is akin to knowing you're getting fired in 18 years and having to train your replacement without actively sabotaging them.

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    Start a podcast and a youtube channel in addition to your blog. Transition that into a premium podcast and membership site. Upsell physical copies of your best content.

    Here are two successful businesses who followed a path from free to premium building very profitable operations and leveraging the evergreen content that they were already putting out:

    Bringing Project Management to Beginners and Experts.
    Raw Vegan Radio | Vegan, Raw Vegan, Raw food, Raw food diet, Raw food recipes, Vegan recipes

    There are of course many many others... but this is a simple model that any professional with marketable knowledge and a stock pile of ready made evergreen content can do. I have seen six figure after six figure business built on this concept.
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      Thanks for all of the great replies. You have all given me many ideas that I did not think of. Much appreciated.
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