Stump The Chump!! What are your best List building techniques?

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The question is simple..

If I want a quick and effective way to build my list as fast as possible what are the best ways to do that with out PPC?

Please give this some thought
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    1. Create A freebie to give away for an email address. The freebie could be an ebook, report a series of videos - or anything as long as it adds value to your subscribers

    2. Create a squeeze page with a super headline packed with benefits and making it personal to them. Also include great bullet points (which are really your secondary headlines. Squeeze page must have an optin form to an autoresponder (getresponse or aweber are good ones).

    3. Drive traffic to the squeeze page using any form of traffic driving techniques you want to - Article marketing, blogging, video marketing, social media. PPC, etc etc

    4. Keep growing your list grow and keep serving your list with free and valuable information offering value along the way

    5. While you are growing your list and putting out emails adding value with free information drop in the odd promotion to see how they respond. The key is building your list and building a relationship with your list.

    Thats my view - hope it helps!
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      Mix in some social (e.g. Pinterest) backlinks as well
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    my favourite techniques are

    solo ads
    generating traffic to my blog to build my list

    im able to generate plenty of traffic in using just these methods

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    Hey Stump The Chump. love the name, cool! yeah ppc if you don't spend the time to split test can really take a toll! Ummm if you don't mind spending a little money like $5 for 5,000 world wide views that will put around 20 to 30 signups in your list if you have a decent converting offer. The source for that traffic is at and scroll to the bottom and click "advertising" Be warned though that its not the best converting traffic into sales but you can use it to build your list fast with real people. Once you get your list size up and can participate in list swaps. For free ways you can talk in forums and commit on high traffic blog post!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    soloads, classifieds ads

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    signature links.. quality posts, being helpful on the forums..

    But I also use solo ads and ad swaps..
    Even though solo ads are technically ppc.. if you do them well and with the appropriate plan, they can easily pay for themselves.. so I'd never rule them out.

    I guess some of it comes down to how much you think your time is worth?

    Do you want to horse around with plugins, seo, article marketing and all the other stuff to get traffic or do you want to start building a list today?
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    Too many IMer's new and old go about list building completely the wrong way.

    You shouldn't be as concerned with how quickly you can build a list as you should be about the relevancy of the list.

    I could slap up a quick squeeze page, give away some old PLR eBook which most people with opt-in for the freebie but if I don't have anything to back it up with the list will be worthless.

    For those that are newer to IM you definitely want to be focused on building a list but that should be near the end of strategically designed business plan/mindmap.

    I am only explaining it this way because I have had students come to me with their lists asking why they cannot sell to them only to find out they built the list first and just sat on it.

    It doesn't matter if you only have 3 people on your list you have to start building the relationship immediately, if you wait until you have 500, 1,000 or more you will lose all the ones you left hanging.

    Bottom line, get your entire sales process/business plan in place before you start the list building process if you follow that route building your list will just naturally fall into place.

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