Google Analytics Bad to Use?

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I definitely don't like the idea of feeding Google more data. Can they use that data against me though? If they think one of my sites is too black hat maybe they'll look at all the sites associated with the same Analytics account and penalize all of them. Do you think this is likely?

It seems like the most comprehensive web analytics tool out there, and easy to use. I'm tempted to put all my sites on the account because I just want to know exactly what's going on with them. What are the best free alternatives? Yahoo? What do you guys think?
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    Black hat methods are not recommended in the first place.

    To be honest I think google would have other ways to determine black hat seo practices.
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    Yeah I know but there's ALWAYS the risk of being penalized by Google- everybody builds artificial links, for example. Which is "against their policy." So everyone is somewhat blackhat. I kind of think it's unlikely that they would use Analytics to compare sites but who knows. It'd actually be kind of a good idea for them. Just want to know what others think. I guess Yahoo Analytics only works if you use Yahoo Ads.
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    Have you considered using different accounts for each of your site?

    I also had this suspicion that they may use your analytics data against your site, but I don't think anyone can prove that. I think, to be on the safe side, you should also use webmaster tools for your sites and that will tell you if anything's wrong with the site.
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    I would like to suggest "StatCounter". Google Analytics seems not so accurate and I also don't trust Google that much...
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      Originally Posted by imkaren View Post

      I would like to suggest "StatCounter". Google Analytics seems not so accurate and I also don't trust Google that much...
      Didn't hear of StatCounter before , I'll give it a try.
      Nevertheless , just like it was mentioned before try and use different profiles or accounts for your website. I wouldn't say that google analytics are bad to use but don't rely entirely on them. They are just there to give you an idea and some numbers of what is going on..
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    I used statcounter for years and they have some good info there. They give you nothing on bounce rate and that is one of the main things Google is using right now.

    The bounce rate in GA is useless because it is inaccurate. The page speed load times are inaccurate. Google freely talks about a true bounce rate. If someone spends time on your site but does not click on another link on your site, in GA that is a bounce. Google doesn't necessarily count that as a bounce. They have more information, they know how long we stay on a site before leaving. There is a magic number and it seconds. Most say 15 seconds on a site means its not a bounce.

    I left statcounter because it doesn't provide that information. I would have stayed for with a free account but that means longer load time. Seconds count in load time. Amazon released some eye catching stats on this. I don't remember them but an extra half second cost them loads in conversion. So I reluctantly removed it.

    Clicky or Getclicky, its called both gives accurate results on bounce rate. When I left statcounter they emailed me to ask why and I heard back from them. They indicated they would look into providing that information. If they do, I'll go back to them.

    Clicky is not perfect. I can't sort for pages with the highest bounce rate for example and I really need that as I'd like to work on those pages.

    Folks should take a look at clicky.
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    There's something about the bounce rate that's off. Have you thought of those instances when people are looking for a very simple answer, and they happen to find that piece of information in one of your pages that fast? About the page load time: what type of connection are they using to measure that. If it's some super slow Internet connection, a page would probably take long before it completely loads.
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    Tracking tool eh? There's a pretty decent (with a free option if I'm not wrong) called Clicky. (not affiliated, etc.,)
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