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by Pludoh
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Hello Warriors, I'm here with another question for you. I'm still a newbie but try to help out when I can, thats what I love about this community, sharing the wealth of information that we have all stubmled upon. Little golden nuggets of information everywhere.

So my question is how does one make a forum based website popular? I won't reveal my exact niche but for example: Gothic Gamers.

For this example lets call it ""

Now my first thought would be to make a prelaunch pseudo "squeeze page" where they can enter in their email to be notified when we are fully launched. In the mean time just promote it through viral marketing and ingame marketing and if the person who's site it is happens to be a goth, amongs his fellow goth gamers.

That way I can build a mailing list which is a task that if done correctly, will give me a lot of leverage.

I also thought maybe giving out gifts for people who reach certain milestones after the launch. A barbed wire fence bra or whatever the goth people wear these days.

The idea would be to give a gift to the first to register, first to get 100 posts (NO SPAMMING), the first to get 1000 posts and so on. I would also provide rewards through competitions that are held and stuff like that, but thats in the far away future.

What I need to know is how to get a hype going about such a niche.

PLEASE NOTE: No I'm not gothic or opening a goth game site lol, thats not my personality.

ALSO: I have heard of autoforum posters that scrape yahoo answers and places like that to make the scrapes look like forum posts, but have seen a few and they all look pretty spammy.

I don't want spammy, I want an active forum. I have a good niche that highly interested me and I would have no problem putting all of my free time into it.

To recap: Essentially what I'm looking for is any tips on building niche forums and how to market them in such a way that the prelaunch email list building, the forum posting on release is dense so people arent' strayed away, and tips to sustainability. Of course I will make moderators and as Admin moderate frequently myself.
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    i have exactly the same questions, so i hope sb. will light our way.

    Thou i hope you understand that you have to make first of all:

    - G+, facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. accounts
    - fake forum accounts and fill the forums with interesting stuff
    - spend a lot of time talking to yourself there

    Yesterday i just finished the basic forum structure and privileges and searched a lot of different ways to make it work. 3 things though stood out in my brain after reading countless advises:

    - hide at first some parts of the structure
    the idea here is to give less space for the people to talk, so it would naturally seem more busy
    -stay there at least 3-4h a day and be super active at least some months
    -simplify the registration up to the point to lower or take off the spammer protection on the registration and pay this by manually removing the spam at first, while the community builds

    I am a beginner, so maybe i am wrong but i figured sth reading this forum, that could be a good idea to strengthen my own new forum.
    And what i figured by my own is:
    -Buy 5 good key domain names connected to the forum ideas.
    -Make blogs on each of them. Each one of them will serve for one of the following 5 purposes: review, questions and answers, general blog, blog with absurd talk and strange facts, secret knowledge blog.

    I hope this helps. I will stick around to see if some of the big brains here help us.
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    The idea would be to give a gift to the first to register, first to get 100 posts (NO SPAMMING), the first to get 1000 posts and so on. I would also provide rewards through competitions that are held and stuff like that, but thats in the far away future.
    the only to benifit from the first post option is that person, first to the post for xyz posts can only encourage spamming.
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    I run a wordpress marketing forum dot com (PLUG)
    Getting active users is a hard task, I have branded the site in my products, backlinked it and all that, it gets visitors but very few signups.

    My thoughts are it is a content based issue and with time the forum will have good content that helps people.

    My Long term plan is just to keep posting content and WAIT.

    I thought of contests etc but decided not to, as I don't want the 2 line crappy posts everywhere.

    My advice is to plug away, add content add PERSONALITY and do all your usual promotion. Trying to force the issue may lead to frustration and content dilution.

    Hope that helps, sorry I don't have access to the red button for forum success, Like the WF it just takes time, work and patience.


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