I'm Looking For A Really Good Shopping Cart

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I would like to sell physical and downloadable
products online.

The following solutions did not meet my

I am looking for a better solution than...

DAP (Digital Access Pass) - No Thank you!
Nanacast - No Thank you!
1 Shopping Cart - No Thank you!
eStore / Tips and Tricks - No Thank you!
PayPal - No Thank you!
eJunkie - No Thank you!

All of the solutions above are great
however, if you purchase an eCommerce
solution without first checking to make
sure it will be the BEST solution for your
niche/product/service, you will waste a
TON of valuable time, like I did.

For those starting out, finding a good
eCommerce/marketing solution could
undoubtedly be one of your greatest

Looking for the following:

1. Robust Shopping Cart (must work with WordPress)
2. Affiliate plugin
3. Membership plugin
4. OTO/Upsell etc., capability
5. Outright software/script purchase (NO monthly fees)
6. Other complimentary add-on plugins
7. Other (necessary) bells and whistles (if possible)

Does anyone know of a solution that meets the
above requirements?

Thank you, kindly,
Frank Wellington
#cart #good #shopping

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