Clickbank product promotion without your own website?

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I am a ClickBank affiliate.

This is the scenario: I have $100 to spend on PPC advertising. Would I be able to sell any CB products without having my own website? That is, if I could direct the PPC campaign directly to the product publisher. I know it's possible, but is it good?

Thanks warriors!
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    Depends. Will you be using Adwords or banners or what?

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    If I were you, I would invest at the very least $30 of that $100 into your own domain name/hosting and landing page, and the remaining $70 into PPC.


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      Originally Posted by Jared Alberghini View Post

      If I were you, I would invest at the very least $30 of that $100 into your own domain name/hosting and landing page, and the remaining $70 into PPC.

      That would be the best thing to do. Grab your own site man. You can't make it online without your own site these days. Step your game up and grab your own site, It's a no brainer, do it.
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      Originally Posted by Jared Alberghini View Post

      If I were you, I would invest at the very least $30 of that $100 into your own domain name/hosting and landing page, and the remaining $70 into PPC.
      Can one get domain/hosting that cheap? Please, let me know where...
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    Also - if this is your first time in ppc, you should be able to get some free ppc money from google. - But direct Clickbank links are best used w/ free methods, like blogging and articles. But to be honest, I don't think I would ever use a direct hoplink. You need to have some cloaking or redirecting script. That way if the product you're promoting disappears from the clickbank marketplace, you won't have a bunch of dead links sitting out there.
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    correct me if I am wrong but google does not allow you to link to click back affiliate web sites or any affiliate web sites for that matter honestly PPC is a waste of money its a glorified ptc site anymore
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    PPC is definitely a great tool and many people swear by it.

    We ran a ppc test last week. We dumped $115 into it and out of that got $210 in sales. Sounds good, right? $100 profit for pushing a couple of buttons...

    In the past week, we had a refund from one of the sales of $30. So, now our actual profit is $65 with other refunds still possible as clickbank allows them for 60 days....

    We probably had an hour or so in creating the "campain" and 30 more minutes "tweaking" it. So, basically at this point we have got $65 for 1 and a half hour of our time plus the risk of getting another refund or more...

    Screw that.

    There are people that make an absolute killing with PPC, there is no doubt in my mind. But, from talking to some folks it seems like the ones that are doing it are the ones that have $500+ to feed the PPC companies on a daily basis, not the "small players" that want to throw $100 at it here and there.

    As far as what you should do? I'm not really sure. It really depends on what you can do and what you are comfortable doing.

    You could make videos
    You dould write articles
    You could use craigslist depending on your product
    You could build a list

    There are really a ton of different options. If you want to go the PPC route though, I would definitely do a little bit of research prior to jumping in. If you dont, you are liable to see your money fly out of your hand faster than you think
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    Even if you made a few sales from ppc it would take months to actually receive payment from CB. I suggest you spend the cash on a domain name and hosting account and build your first site. The rest of the money could go to an autoresponder like Aweber so you can start building a list. Learn to drive free traffic with articles and build links to your site until you have more cash to invest in paid traffic.

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      Like most of what the others said you should really invest in a domain name and hosting. It will give you more control.

      Once you have that set up a review site for the product and use the remainder of the cash you have to buy some quality articles to promote your website.

      I guarantee you that way tou will have a higher return on investment.


      PTC ==> Gives you one click and it may not necessarily result in a sale

      Articles ==>Can give you multiple clicks and multiple sale.

      Results may vary but As far as I can say would be forget ppc until you have a truck load of "free cash"
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    Thanks everyone.

    The thing is that I got those $100 as a coupon, that is - I didn't invest a dime. That's why I am using it.

    I do own many websites and I generate significant amount of revenue online. I am somewhat familiar with all those marketing secrets (videos, articles, SEO, linkbacks) etc. However, I had not previous experience with ClickBank - that's why I am asking.

    Sorry for being unclear.
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