What makes a good thread?

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Hey guys,

I plan on making a thread soon in the warriors for hire forum, and I wanted to know what is everybody's thoughts on what makes a good thread that will attract many people, and make them act to my offer. I plan on looking over a few of the popular threads to see what they have in common, but I figured I can get some insight that I might not be able to just by doing that alone. Thanks in advance Ladies and Gents.

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    Can you be a little more specific?
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    What makes a good thread? That's a little vague, and there's no certain answer. It really depends on what you plan on offering.

    I can give you my opinion on what makes a BAD thread if you'd like:
    • Too many user reviews in the ad itself
    • Flashy graphics
    • Unsubstantiated claims
    • Too much fluff, too little substance

    9 times out of 10, when I see huge, over-inflated graphics and then a ton of user reviews before I see any text at all, I click my back button. A nice, simple ad delineating what it is I'm going to be getting is the most attractive thing I can see.

    -- j

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    Allow me to further explain. It would be a thread for an article writing service. I want to know about the elements that make a thread successful in that regard.

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    Be honest. So much BS about.

    If you are honest and upfront you immediately set yourself apart from many.

    Also, check out this link for more help.

    Click here
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    To attract more people, you have to do something attractive for them! Very simple!! Design your offer with related important words and try to make that as clear as possible. Personally I like to response when the thing seems much clear to me and I believe, people dislike complexity.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    What really interests you? What threads are popular? (Choose a theme similar to a popular thread.) What problems are you facing that others face?
    David Sneen
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    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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