What has worked for you in Internet Marketing?

by makbog
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I know there are a lot of successful internet marketers on this forum but there are a lot of struggling internet marketers like myself who are trying to get just the right product to make their internet marketing careers take off. It would be really appreciable if some of the successful people share their knowledge or at least the products that they have used which gave their careers a great start.

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    I didn't vote. No product I've bought has brought me to the $100 per day mark, and I don't sell IM books/products so they haven't made me any money.
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    There are many product, your idea will be a great start for you. Just go to click bank and get a product, analyze its demand and if you think that people want that, then publicize that.
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    I make money from providing services and not from selling actually.
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    I voted 10+, but really it's not the products that make the difference. I am the kind of person who needs a lot of information to be able to implement quickly and believe it, so I read a lot of books and info products.
    Others may take one course and run with it, but either way- it's all about implementing.
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    Originally Posted by makbog View Post

    I know there are a lot of successful internet marketers on this forum but there are a lot of struggling internet marketers like myself who are trying to get just the right product to make their internet marketing careers take off. It would be really appreciable if some of the successful people share their knowledge or at least the products that they have used which gave their careers a great start.

    Online business is a lot like offline business. The bottom line is you need to be selling units of something. You could be selling an affiliate product, your own product, your own services, or your own software but at the end of the day it's about selling something.

    The overly simplified formula is:

    Traffic x Product Conversions = Money

    So the first thing you need to decide is what do you want to sell and what market you want to get into.

    Then you need figure out how you are going to start driving traffic to your offer. Youtube videos? SEO? PPC? Newsletter Advertising? Media Buys?

    Just remember you can only tie one shoe at a time so stick with one traffic source at a time. Only add an additional form of traffic when you've mastered your current one otherwise you'll end up with tons of loose ends.

    You'll end up having one sad little Facebook ad campaign set up sending you 2 clicks a day, one Wordpress blog that's poorly SEOed and is nowhere to be found on Google, etc.

    So the lesson here is to pick one form of traffic first and then start driving traffic to your offer.

    You should also consider sending your traffic to a squeeze page first so you can build a list and then redirect those who optin to your offer page. I hope that made sense.

    The reason you want to do this is because people probably won't buy the first time the see your offer. But if you have them on your email list, you can keep in contact with them and keep reminding them of all the benefits of your offer.
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    Fact is... it may take you years of study and trial and error to get to $100 per day.

    Internet marketing is just like anything else. It takes time, persistence and it takes practice.

    Some people pick it up faster than others.

    But those who do well out of the gate normally already have some kind of business skills from another career.
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    The strategy I used to earn my first $100 online is the strategy that was absolutely useless. As soon as I abandoned that approach, i began to figure out exactly how it is supposed to be done. The truth is, it took me near 6 months to earn that first $100 from promoting Amazon products. What a bloody waste of time that was.

    Larry is right. You should be focusing on the list building from the very start. You simply have no asset if you are ranking keywords through the serps. By the way, it's not the product that makes you the money, it's the strategy you use.

    I hear a lot of people suggest that you pick one strategy and stick to it. While this is true for the overall strategy and goal, i would suggest you write down how much time you have to work on your business each day and delegate that time systematically to a couple of tasks that are proven to get results.

    For example...
    If you have 5 hours a day and no money to spend. You can...
    --write one article for your blog every day = 365 posts a year = traffic (1 hour)
    --5 Forum posts on 5 different forums a day = traffic (1 hour)
    --Participate and promote your website/squeeze on facebook/twitter/etc (1 hour)
    --1 Guest post on a high traffic website in your niche = traffic (1 hour)
    --backlinks/seo/blog comments/ or youtube = traffic (1 hour)

    Doing the above methods every single day without fail will yield some consistent results and you will begin to gain traction after a month or so. All the posts you write can be used on the top article directories/pdf sites/video sites/slideshare etc etc

    If you have money to spend then just pay for leads through banner ads/solo ads/ and other forms of advertising.

    No matter what your initial approach is, you must focus on building a list from the outset. Send as many people to a squeeze page as you possibly can. Put your squeeze page on your websites sidebar/at the top and bottom of each post. Put the damn thing everywhere without being too spammy or salesy.

    There's a very good reason why people fail in this business and it is because they do not understand the compound effect. Everyone wants instant results and they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are creating their results every single day by what they choose to NOT do.

    People will die from lung cancer because they don't understand this concept. Fat people will become fatter, poor people will become poorer, rich people will become richer and failures will continue to be a very big part of our society. Every decision being made by you today is determining EXACTLY where you will be further down the line.

    Make a decision right now to do something each and every bloody day that will bring your dreams closer to you over time. The accumulation of continuous and persistent action with the simple steps laid out above will be more than enough to gain that all important traction you need.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    I was well over $100 per day before online (passively) I ever considered launching my own product. But when I neglect that (all income before my first product launch) my answer would be 1. Luckily enough my first product did really well (at least for my standards ).
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    I thank you all for such valuable advice. It really feels great to learn from experienced people who are already way ahead you.

    I have till now been studying a lot and implementing things which have not resulted in success. But this is what I call experience and I hope that my career as an internet marketer takes off soon.

    Thanks once again
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    I haven't voted because I'm not on $100 through IM products - but the advice some people are giving in this thread is extremely valuable. It wouldn't surprise me if someone swiped it all and made a WSO out of it. :rolleyes:
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    I didn't vote because "0" was not an option. Virtually everything I've learned over my 15 year IM career has been learned through forums and has been self-taught.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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