Cannot Add Adsense to WordPress Blog?

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I'm converting my Blogger blog to a WordPress blog and am hitting a wall with the ads.

From what I've learned, I need to add a plugin, however the free version of WordPress does not allow plugins.

The logical assumption then is that you cannot put ads on a free WordPress blog - correct?

So it's necessary to pay the $99 to upgrade the blog before you can put an ad on it?

If this is so, it seems to be better to stay on Blogger, where adsense is integrated with no fee.

Please tell me if I am misunderstanding. WordPress seems to be the more robust platform and where all serious blogs need to be, but I can't see how to make this work at the moment.

Help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    You are confused... because when people mention WordPress around here - they refer to the software that is downloadable from wordpress.ORG (

    ...while you seem to have a blog on wordpress.COM ( — Get a Free Blog Here) where you, actually, don't own the blog. They do. I mean the owner of the wp.COM site.

    When people want control - they buy a domain + hosting + install WordPress on their own web real estate. Then you can install zillion plugins... (not that you should have a zillion of them )

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    You're probably at the point where owning your own site is the way to go. The start up costs
    are almost negligible, and it puts you in the driver's seat. Including giving you access to
    everything the full version of Wordpress can do (which is considerable.)
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      I don't think Adsense is allowed on the Free Wordpress blogs. As others have said, you may want to consider investing in a hosting plan and domain name. A domain name runs about $10 a year. And you can get hosting on a monthly basis inexpensively also. If you need help send me a message.

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        Thanks all - I have a site (domain and hosting, etc) that's been up for about 5 years. Just had Blogger blogs pulled into it. Time to investigate the *real* WordPress it seems.

        Thank you!
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