Is this guy for real? seen this?

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Ok, I'm gonna have to word this right as I don't want this thread deleted, but I was selling some personal stuff on that well known auction site, and once finnished putting my items up I thought I'd have a bit of a browse! I searched for domains just out of interest and came across one in the listing for michealjoejackson dot com, the guy or girl selling this is asking for $5million for the domain name!!!! I had to read the description and he/she states that anyone who purchases this domain can use it to sell sell sell!!!

Is he/she for real??? I've tried dabbling in domains and get it seriously wrong on many occasions! for example I saw on flippa that a domain bestcouponcodes dot com sold for tens of thousands and the dot net version went for a couple of thousand, so I purchased topcouponcodes dot net expecting $20-$50 at least and never got a bid over $4!! like I said I'm clueless and certainly don't make any money on domains, I'll stick to what I'm good at, but is the michealjoejackson dot com worth anything or is this guy a complete chancer??? personally I'd value it a few dollars but like I said I'm a complete numbnuts on the subject!

anyone care to shed any domain experience on this domain? or is he like I said 'a complete chancer'?
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    I'd say he/she is a "chancer" as you put it. But you never know, what if someone did buy it for 5 million? Probably not likely, but it could happen. I think it was business dot com sold for like 8 Million back several years ago.
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    Of course he wont get $5million for that domain. Its priced that high so it will show up 1st in sort by price for whatever category hes going for.

    But the 5 million asking price is cheap compared to the $21 million that others are asking for their domains LOL
    Traffic + Conversions = $$$$

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    The guy is a dreamer hoping that someone is stupid enough to pay for that domain. I don't know if it's deliberate, but the way you've spelled Michael is a typo so it would be a typo domain and the Joe in the middle is not great. If the domain was, maybe he'd get a good price, but I doubt he would get $5M for it, but then who knows.

    I've tried that also ... buying a domain that is very similar to a domain that made big bucks and it never worked for me either. lol.
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    I honestly take those as jokes, but hey I could be wrong maybe there is a guy foolish enough to buy it for 5 million, than maybe I will post a few sites for a few million as well.
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      If you pitch in low then you'll get even lower bids. If you pitch in high then some numbskull will come along and no doubt make you a lower offer . . . but on the high side - if you see what I mean
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    He probably purchased it for 4 and is looking to make a quick mil...

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    No intention of selling the domain. All they are doing is using the auction as a incoming traffic link to whatever else they are promoting. This is a well used stratagy 5 years ago, people must still be buying these eBooks with outdated stratagies...
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    No intention of selling. He gets a lot of people curious, people generate free traffic for him by posting on forums, lots of people click ads on his parked page.
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