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Hi warriors,

I was looking for a domain name earlier for a niche I'm having some content developed for and thought I'd share my little method for finding available domains real quick. As you know it's a pain in the ass to search for available domains one by one, or even typing them out to do multiple searches at once because there are so many already taken.

1. Since I use google's keyword tool to find keywords for my content, I export the list in .txt format and save it to my computer.

2. I take that list of keywords and open it up in a word processor like textpad, then use the find and replace feature to remove the spaces between any multiple word keyword phrases. (you can also replace the spaces with -'s to separate your keywords)

3. I copy some keywords from the list (usually about 50) and go to 000domains.com or some registrar where you can do a bulk whois lookup. Paste the list into the box, select which domain extension (.com) and hit the button.

4. The whois tool spits out a list of available domains highly specific to your niche. Most will be taken especially if it's a competitive niche but it's bound to turn up a few available.

The whole process takes about 1-3 minutes depending on how long it takes the whois tool to do it's thing.

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    Good info thanks for the tip.
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    Thanks for 000domains.com

    In the past (I use Hostgator) if I've registered a name and its taken they offer about 25 alternatives. Not as sophisiticated as yours but has worked now and then.

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    Thanks guys,

    It works like a charm because with all the keywords google's tool spits out at least a few of those phrases will be available as domains so you are almost guaranteed to get a domain rich in keywords and highly relevant to your niche.

    Just get creative and use the tools that are available out there. You probably already use tons of tools in your marketing and using them in different creative ways that they weren't necessarily meant for will give you some cool results.

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    Good tips for finding a good keyword domain. Set up a site, monetize with affiliate's and your done! Or you could resell the domain for a profit
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      This advice is fine, unless you need to target a specific keyword.

      If so, you might be better off trying to find an appended version of the specific keyphrase, rather than choosing a related term.


      If you are selling widgets, you might look for widgetshop or widgetstore.

      If you are providing info about widgets, you might look for widgetinfo or widgetsinfo.

      In my experience it's easier to do this by using your loaf (brain) than it is by using keyword tools.

      Then you have the different extensions (EG .net) and also hyphens.

      Another example (not widget based) -

      If your ideal keyphrase is 'cheap bike parts' it might be better to buy cheapbikepartshop.com than buying economicalbicycleaccessories.com.

      But conversely, it's also probably better to buy cheapbicycleparts.com than it is to buy cheapbikepartsdirectory.com - so there is validity to your point - I just wanted to add another angle to it.

      Roger Davis

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      Hi webcontentservices.ll,

      Seems interesting...hmm
      Yes, quite...

      Roger Davis

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    yo eddy, this method rocks! i was bored so i checked out this post and then gave your trick a shot.. went to google keyword tool and typed in weight loss, exported to an excel spreadsheet and removed spaces.. then pasted into 000domains.com

    to make a long story short... i'm the proud new owner of ---> www.dietloss.org

    honestly, this search term was looking good...

    diet loss 246000/month

    i can tell a locked up term and this one seems wide open for the taking! if anyone else wants to jump in on this keyword term be my guest, i think there is more than enough traffic to go around! anyways, i think you could def. sell this info in an ebook etc.. i'll give you props for letting this cat out of the bag!
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    Hi eddycole,

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      Hi Locke,

      diet loss 246000/month
      Where did you get this from?

      Micro niche finder (via google) shows me 390 PM.


      Roger Davis

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