Is a .ORG Domain Good to Monetize?

by locke
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I was following another warrior's thread tonight regarding keyword/domain research and stumbled upon a .org domain that seems pretty promising...

Has anyone tried to monetize a .org domain? Currently i've only used .net and .com domains successfully...
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    I have monetized a few .orgs and have done well with them. If its a good keyword domain and it's in .org then go for it. They do just as well as .com and .net's. However, the .net and .com extensions get more type in traffic I have found than .org. Probably, because .org is not as widely known about as the .net and .com.
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    There is no such difference pointing the seo and when you monetize it. Of course it is possible some users to mix up .org and .com or .net but it is not a reason to drop a good keyword .org domain

    good luck


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    thanks for your advice with this one.. i feel alot more confident about making the $10 investment lol...
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    Call me old-fashioned, but I think .org should be left to legitimate organizations and not commercial ventures.


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      Originally Posted by Barry Richardson View Post

      Call me old-fashioned, but I think .org should be left to legitimate organizations and not commercial ventures.

      I agree Barry, I just think it's bad netiquette to use a .org for commercial purposes.

      I'm not debating that it won't rank as high as any other .extention, that's not my point.

      Sure, the Search engines do not discriminate against different extentions, but the people (yes, the humans actually using the search engine) sure do.

      I expect to see a legitimate organization when I visit a .org site. The only monetization I typically see at these sites is a "Donate" button.

      I know that many people click willy nillie around the web, and often don't pay attention to the extention, so I'm not saying it won't work... but the OP admitted in a reply that it may be a sneeky method.

      Just another thought... if it's a good domain name, and the .com and .net are taken, I would be careful, since if they have any registered trademarks on the name, you could have that domain taken from you at any time.



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    well barry, you might be right but im going to give it a shot... internet marketing is about experimenting right? i agree that the .org could be a bit sneeky because its a more "trustworthy" extension and acutally it is more expensive than a .com extension.. most of my sites provide real value and content so i will probably monetize my new .org with affiliate links rather than adsense and i will make sure that the affiliate links are for credible products...
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    In reality it doesn't matter but as Barry says it has traditionally been for non profit and organizations so you will have a certain amount of the population that agrees with this.

    My thoughts: why have a road block before you start. If it becomes successful then possibly you could run into various attitudes and pre conceived ideas.

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    I have done well with .net, not tried to .org if that's any help.
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    Would agree with Barry, org's a typically delegated to government or community institutions that have services available to the general public. Then again, you could make this work in your favour if you have a professional looking websiste and the domain name itself can give the impression that yours is an "authority" in your particular niche!
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    I think that you would need to have a profitable niche to market, as the content is always paramount. I think that .com's and .net's are more popular due to the familiarity of those domains, but Loz makes an interesting point that the with any niche you can maximize the profit with clever marketing! Just my 2 cents of info! :-)
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