Godd Drop shipping resource?

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Hi Guys

I've been thinking about dropshipping for a while. I found a site called China Wholesale, Dropship Products, Cheap Shoes, Discount Bags and the prices for some of the stuff seems almost too good to be true. My worry is if the stuff is counterfiet or not.

Does anybody know of a good drop shipping resource that is legitimate?

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    Hey there Phil.

    Try this Dropshippers and Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers in UK - Though this is only for UK, but have a look!

    I will have a look at the site you provided - see I can find something on the!

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      It looks like they dont have a minimum order qty, so you could order just one for a sample and check the quality vs a similiar product that you see in the store, if you are truly interested in using them.
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    Dropshipping can be a risky business, you are relying on a third party to fulfill the promises you made to your customers.
    Like you say prices look to good to be true, that's because most of the "China Wholesalers" are supplying low quality knockoffs.

    And if you plan to sell on eBay that could get you into trouble with them pretty quick.
    With other dropshippers like Salewhoo the profit margins are so slim that it's almost a waist of time.
    I would suggest trying to find legit bulk wholesalers, low volume wholesalers etc. some of them will even ship for you, this means you don't have to outlay for the merchandise upfront. (You will need a business license to deal with the legit wholesalers)

    A good source to find suppliers is: World Wide Brands

    Good Luck
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    Thanks guys for your replies. It probably comes back to "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is".


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    Dropshipping is very risky mainly due to the fact it can lead to many many many unhappy customers.
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    very risky to try dropshipping, products from online stores.
    I prefer to find the product of the "marketplace" (we can see the feedback supplier)
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