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Hi Warriors

I have only been doing article syndication for less than a week and have yet to see any results from it but feel these tips are worthwhile sharing.

1. Firstly make sure the title or topic of your article is something the ezine or blog owner can actually send out to their audience. For example if your in the gym equipment niche do not send a website dedicated to selling treadmills an article with the title "Benefits of switching from a Treadmill to a Bike".

Think about the message the website owner will send out to their audience when they publish your article.

I learnt this lesson when I sent the ezine editor of an authority site in my niche my article for syndication. The response was that he enjoyed the article but cannot use it because the article suggests that people should give up certain aspects of the hobby in order to concentrate on one aspect in particular. Since they are an authority on the hobby that promote all areas of this hobby it was not in their interests to publish this article.

HOWEVER they suggested that I could rewrite the article to only include the benefits of the aspect (of the hobby) that was in the original article as opposed to pushing people to switch to it.

Depending on what you are writing the difference can be subtle but it is worth looking out for.

2. Secondly find niche related link pages in order to find more sites that could potentialy syndicate your articles. This can be achieved by using some kind of search string such as keyword + "links". This can also be done visiting some blogs or local club type sites in your niche. Niche related directories are also a very good place to start.

What I have found in practice is that when I use one links page I then uncover many more from the websites I visit. In my particular niche I have now found hundreds of sites to look at for article syndication purposes in just 20 minutes from finding the 1st links page.
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  • Also, to find those topics to write on you can look at larger sites like squidoo, yahoo answers, or hubpages.
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    yahoo answers helps me a lot finding out what questions and concerns people in the niche have whilst at the same time having the ability to see multiple answers to the problem

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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