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Hi, all,

Demand Studios looks like a gret place to find some work to fill in empty spots in your schedule. However, I got a message that says that they don't have any assignments that fit my background.

Could anyone offer some advice as to what they are looking for?

Thanks a lot.
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    You have to have some sort of specialty now such as a health degree, fitness or nutrition certification, or experience working in a law office, auto repair shop or vet clinic - things like that. The only channels you can be approved to write for are the ones that match your education or experience. So if you have some specialty or degree, you should play that up rather than your writing experience as they don't seem to have an interest in general writers any more. Many of the writers already hired haven't had work in months.

    The channels are the usual subjects: automotive, business, finance, health, fitness, food, garden, home, parenting, careers, pets, technology, and legal. But again, you need a degree or work experience to qualify for a writing position (even food and parenting).
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    Are there any good alternatives, then?
    Each Article is 300+ to 500+ (MOSTLY 500+) WORDS
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    I used to write for Demand Studios, but then they changed everything and now they are pretty much looking only for people with degrees in certain areas. It's weird. I can still log into my account and look at available jobs, but because I am not "qualified" to write any of them, I can't.

    A couple of other sites you could look into are:
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    I'm building a very good, simple, 75% revenue share alternative.

    Discuss your favorite cancelled or ended TV shows in a fun friendly community.
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    attempted a few times w/ them and denied. previously did work w/ yahoo contributor network before doing it on my own now. Rather take less and keep 100% of the revenue vs them. Good luck w/ demand though. They got hit by the Panda updates.

    Freelance Writer & Blogger For Hire. US based. Awesome Rates. Check out for samples & more.

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      I wrote for demand studios years ago and did not like it at all. The editors there are so quirky. One editor wants the article one way and another editor wants it another. It was really frustrating. I left on my own terms because I finally got some private clients and started making a lot more money than they pay.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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        There are other places on the net to write. You could check out the writers section in professions on for more information.. Be fully aware that mills seem to come on strong and often continuously make more changes to their specific requirements than you can keep up. Some, actually many, unwind rather quickly and fade into the sunset.

        Many people like InfoBarrel which seems to be up and coming, it's not a paid up front per article mill arrangement. You need your own Adsense, Chitika and Amazon accounts for a minimum 75% share of earnings.

        If you do have qualifications, besides writing ability for Demand, note that they are very strict with everything. The writers' forums used to be full of complaints and problems writers had. It could not be described as a happy place.

        Your best bet if you can do without the up front article payment is go for Adsense, etc. share sites or create your own niche and market the daylights out of it. This way, you continue to get paid for the same article over and over.

        If you still want a set amount per article, you could always search for private clients on your own, but that can also be iffy when they wind down as well. Still, many on the forum seem to prefer freelancing and generating their own clients.
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    The thing about Demand Studios is the money is not all that great as you might think...especially given the quirkiness of the editors as cashp0wer pointed out, and definitely not college-degree pay. You can fare much better writing for your own clients or selling your writing on sites like Contstant Content where you set your own prices.
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      Demand Studios might sound good but the editors are hard to deal with. One might love your writing while the next treats you like garbage for adding an extra comma. I once had an editor write a full paragraph berating me over a comma he simply could have deleted. Not worth the $. If you are interested in writing you would be much better off trying to find some private clients right here on this forum. If you can provide quality writing and adhere to deadlines the clients are out there.
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    While many editors are definitely senseless *******s, it's a good place to raise some immediate money if you learn the ropes. I made over $1,100 this past month, an amount that's kinda hard to come by these days in my case.

    They seem to love How to articles, so submit one explaining how to do/learn something. They're also obsessed with action verbs and active voice, so don't forget that either.
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