This is a common IM syndrome or what?

by David_Thompson 8 replies
Hey Guys,

I was talking to a few IM friends of mine and they
are great people with a lot of wonderful advise.

I'm thankful to have them around... but I also notice
something that I find disturbing...

The thing is with all the great solid advise they give
me about my business and my life I find it very odd
that their business and life are not as good as it should
be both personal and financial wise.

Now these people can show you what to do how to
do it, really excellent teachers but they have a hard
time getting their stuff off the ground.

My question is is this a common syndrome in the IM
field or does it goes beyond it?

This might be a common place thing where some people
are excellent teachers but have a hard time taking their
own advise!!!

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    I have seen such cases as well.. And it was not in IM.

    I guess in IM we are bombarded with so much information that many people know what to do but they can't get their act together to do something themselves...


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      It's true...most people know what to do but do not apply the information to their own businesses/lives.

      Sad but True
      "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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        Isn't there a name for this, I'm sure I heard
        Tony Robbins mention it b4...

        But this seems to be a major deal in all fields.

        The next thing is how one goes about combating
        this syndrome?

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          "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

          Not my quote...but relevant.
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            Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

            I suspect it probably is somewhat common, especially among younger IM'ers. They start earning big over the short-term and commit themselves to long-term expenditures (houses, cars, boats, etc.) It's easy fo things to get out of hand quickly.

            My wife and I enjoy our life immensely and we carry very little debt. We save, invest carefully, and tend to avoid needlessly extravagant purchases. We live comfortably and enjoy the financial security we've built for ourselves.

            Business wise, we take the same approach online and off. But we do all ofthis together (more or less) so we're always in tune with what's going on.
            A most excellent post BIGMIKE...

            I do think a lot of people get caught up with
            all the new cash flow as you said and then
            get bugged down in money worries...

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            I was one of these non movers. Not any more - I am all action and starting to make progress..

            There are people who dream the dream and stay there.

            I prefer to work my dream
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              Failing to take action is a problem in most fields I think. I've worked in medicine for 25 years - as a nurse and a nurse practitioner - amzing how many doctor wanna be's (*does that have an apostrophe??) - anyway - going to medical school is arduous. No sleep, lots of studying and a lack of a personal life comes to mind. It doesn't take a rocket scientist - just perseverence. I'm guessing the same is true in most fields - you can get to the top of the field but it still takes action and work.
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                One of the biggest problems I've seen, and been guilty of, in the area of IM is that it's easy to lose focus and be distracted, and it is largely caused by "information overload."

                Another widespread problem is there are numerous technical hurdles and it takes the average person a lot of tenacity to actually complete and fully implement even the most basic, functional web site for making sales, and then driving traffic to it.

                I spent some time compiling an outline list of all the "artifacts" and paraphenalia required to sell and deliver a product on the Internet, and it is quite surprising the number of pieces that are needed.

                I wonder how many people get stuck for the same reasons.

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