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I thought I would start this post as a dairy of my experiences with Twitter as it may help people who are getting started with Twitter and trying to work out what it is all about.

Over the last 3 weeks I have been researching and "playing" with twitter and I am convinced that this is a very powerful site and am learning loads as I go along. I hope my rambling are useful to other warrior members.

These are some of things I have learnt and put in place so far:-

1. Custom backgrounds work well to catch people's eye. Some people put tons of stuff on them, like their email address and other websites (as you can only put one link in your profile) - I have just focused on telling people what my website does. Adding your custom background is easy, you don't need to pay a fortune to get someone to do it, although I am sure that if you did you would get something a lot more graphically pleasing than I currently have!

2. Following people who following my competitors has worked well, as a high percentage of them then follow you back. I cannot believe this aspect of twitter - nowhere else does someone "Publish" a list of people interested in your niche! - I currently estimate about 30% of people I follow then follow me back. Interestingly not many of them seem to do this immediately which would suggest to me that they are not using "auto follow" software but actually look at my page and deciding to follow me.

3. I have put a viral app on my site to try to get people to twitter for me, in return I give them a free Tutorial Video. Only one person has done this so far, so I am not convinced this method works that well.

4. I have used the Twitter app to put my tweets on my main website. I think this works well as it shows my members (and potential members) that I am alive and well and that I am actively helping people.

Twitter Gold by Dana Willhoit is a great ebook and gave me the confidence and the "I get it" moment 3 weeks ago. I will not be posting all her ideas in this forum as that is not fair to her but I recommend anyone who is trying to work twitter out gets a copy of it straight away. (the book is currently a WSO so do a quick search to pull up the right page).

I currently work in the Microsoft Excel niche and run a website that has a library of video tutorials. I solve people's problems with Excel and turn the solutions into a video for them. You can find out more on twitter at Twitter / ClaytonLock

Over the last 3 weeks I have definitely made one sale from my twitter page and have signed up one new affiliate. At time of writing this I have 237 followers. I'll try to keep this post updated on what I find works and doesn't work for me.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.
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    Thanks Clayton, I am just starting to use Twitter a little more so prob 2.5 weeks behind you This advice is great and I will report back as well as any ideas i may come up with that seem to work.

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    Hey Clayton
    I agree that twitter is a very powerful tool for all types of businesses, I currently found this tweetergetter {dot} com/ashley_wright and it does actually work, have a look for yourself you do not have to sign up for anything but it does generate alot of followers, I do not know how but if anyone does it would be good to hear how!
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