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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if everyone would give advice on where I should look to get the absolute BEST training to start an internet business in becoming an affiliate marketer? With so many programs out there today, I don't want to waste my time and/or money, if you know what I mean. I know that I could search all over for free material and slowly piece things together, but I have to think there is someone that has pieced everything together nicely to make money off someone else wanting to learn the know how.

Thanks for ANY replies.

Fred Williams
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    Hi bybonline, see which area of internet marketing you are looking for. I prefer Email Marketing. Email Marketing is to get people to sign up your squeeze page. More people sign in, more subscribers. Subscribers is our Asset to make money. You can add as many affiliate program to your Auto Responder and sell it to the same person. Most people will not buy from you when first visit your squeeze page / website because they don't know you. You can built relationship with them by sending them free gift, provide useful information and send newsletter to get connection with your subscribers.
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    I know first hand that 2 people you can trust are Mark Ling and Matt Carter.
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    I was just looking at Mark Ling's aFFiloBLUEPRINT. What do you think of this program for someone wanting to get started in affiliate marketing?
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      I would say it will be good. I started off learning with afflio a couple years ago myself.
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      Originally Posted by bybonline View Post


      I was just looking at Mark Ling's aFFiloBLUEPRINT. What do you think of this program for someone wanting to get started in affiliate marketing?
      i started AM with affiloblueprint 2.0, i think there is a new version now 3.0
      I think it's good, it's a step by step program, covers : market search, keyword research - writing/outsourcing content - website design - on page/off page SEO - building and email list, setting up newsletter series - link building - ppc advertising
      [KeywordXtreme] Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool in the Market! (SEO, PPC, Video Marketing, ...)

      [CTRXtreme] Amazing Software Quadruples Mobile, Facebook & Plenty of Fish Ads CTR !

      [Free Guide:No Opt-In] How to Setup a Mobile CPA Campaign with Proper Tracking in 10 Mins
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    Here's how you can save whatever cash you've got on you. For now, don't invest in any course. In fact, I'll give you a step-by-step right now:

    1) Head to the search option (3rd from the right... below your cutey pie nickname)
    2) Hit the advanced search option
    3) Search for the user: Alexa Smith
    4) Digest every last word about article marketing she's written (there are dozens of posts and threads)
    5) You're good to go
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    dam.. I was going to tell you conversion campus by Chad Hamzeh (of warrior forum).. this was a wso, maybe you can search for it

    but, looks like the site is down.. but check out the message...

    VETERAN cpa guys who make thousands all said this course was extremely helpful and taught them a lot. He gives a lot of no holds bard pointers. You may want to freshin up on some basics first, but this is good to go from there:
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    I am intersted in AM too. Nice thread
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    I also recommend Mark Ling´s Affiloblueprint....
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    You can also use Trevor Zacek's Amazon Revolution Course - has gotten some amazing reviews thus far and it starts right from the basics. So maybe you can look into that
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    Hi! Fred Williams,
    I have completely gone through Matt Carter's Rapid Profit Formula.
    This is the best starter course on AM. In the beginning his support is good. But after some time say, four months his ticket system won't work. But he heavily promotes other GURUs to his mailing list through webinars.
    If you get a mail from Matt atleast in 90% of the cases he is selling some course.
    His blog is very informative.
    But he also seems confused after Panda and Penguin as to what works and what not.

    I have gone theough Affilorama of Mark Ling. This is also very informative. You can start here because it is free.
    Good luck
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    Hi adrianabalboni, I have mentioned before Squeeze Page is the best tools for Affiliate Marketing. Squeeze Page also works if you have your own product. All you need to do is to add more affiliate in your follow up as must as you can. Promote your squeeze page to invite people to opt-in. Do you have any idea how does squeeze page look like. You may click on my signature to find out. I use to have a hard time to market affiliate program until I found out squeeze page can really really save me a lot of time and effort.
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    Read Paul Nicholls Internet Marketing Blog

    You can learn a lot from here.

    Hope it helps
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    I have a different option for you.

    Look at the companies that have shops/offices in your area, speak to people about what they do for a living and think about how you could market their product/service online. When you think you have found a good one, research it thoroughly, go to the company and speak to them about how you could promote their product or service. Try and start with something small, for example a gardening business and look at ways you could get leads for them.

    This method will set you up so you can teach yourself as you will have something solid to learn from and a positive direction to follow.
    Super Affiliate Club - more money, less work
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    Chris Farrell membership is a good start for beginners.

    Remember to learn to build a list using a squeeze page to capture leads for long term IM success.

    Good luck.

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    Super Affiliate Guide WSO by charleskirkland could be a good start to learn about affiliate marketing.

    As you know, Charles Kirkland is one of 2010 ClickBank Apex Elite Member. So, he surely knows what he teach.
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    I am a big fan of this topic. I mainly do SEO / Inbound stuff, I thought learning PPC was weird. I do like the changeup of affiliate marketing though .

    I am posting while working for a company, or else I would use my name as my username. Yeah...they stalk my name.

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    There are so many courses out there, some of them are real and some of them are spam. Unfortunately, I've been spammed many times.

    But, that doesn't change the fact that if you want to learn Internet marketing, then you HAVE to find a mentor and follow him (everyone needs a mentor).

    I recommend Russell Brunson, he's a very honest teacher. I love being coached by him because you really start making money and see results in a very short time.

    He will teach you the best ways to make money as an affiliate for 30 days for $1 only.

    Check out his coaching program DotComSecrets X. It's really worth it.
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    There is a guy by the name of Terry Dean who is a online business coach.

    I learned a lot from him and he is very sincere and he pretty much shares everything that you will ever need to succeed online.

    His website is:

    Internet Business Coaching With Terry Dean.

    The above is not an affiliate link.

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    Training is good but just be careful you don't get caught up in the trap of buying 1 product then the next thinking the next one will offer you the golden goose.

    Get something that is highly recommended then don't buy anything else for a few months.
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    I learned a great deal from The training is easy to follow and comprehensive.

    Best of Luck!

    Sherry Frewerd
    Family Niche Marketing Network

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    It really does depend on what you want to do first. Don't jump from one thing to the next too quickly either.

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    the very first thing is a proper plan. get an awesome website with landing pages, do some seo, get connected with target market, build list and finally promote your product
    Freelance Web Designer and Developer
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    I myself have used Mark Ling´s Affiloblueprint, I recommend it to anyone looking to break into affiliate marketing. Good luck on your journey!
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      Alex Jefferies

      Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    Are you looking for advanced training or at first basic (how to set up a web page, choose hosting etc.) training and then more advanced?
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    Read all Alexa Smith’s posts in this forum. She is the best teacher you can find about affiliate marketing.

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    I have a website where I sell products that I've created to small business owners in a niche market. Will the sources listed here also work in a B2B sales environment?
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    The Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) where I am permanent

    At live events held twice a year, instructors actually TEACH for
    an hour to 90 minutes, and then have the students practice
    what they were just taught, with instructors and aides going
    around the room helping them. The students are divided into
    4 different groups based upon experience level (which they
    self-identify), and they are taught appropriate topics.

    Inside the membership site, we have private accountability
    groups, live weekly training, monthly Q&A calls, well over
    1000 recorded videos, and more other resources than you
    can shake a stick at.

    I'm a little biased, but many of our 40 or so instructors have
    been in business online for 10 or more years!

    Let know if you have any questions about NAMS. It's one of
    my passions because we do actually teach beginners to
    experts... and I learn something new each time that I tune
    into one of the weekly training sessions which non-members
    are welcome to tune into for free. Non-members just don't
    get access to the recordings of past sessions.


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
    Click To Go BIG!

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    You can use the search function on here and find lots of effective affiliate marketing methods that work just as well as the people who will take your money to teach you it. There are also countless affiliate marketing blogs with tutorials and guides, all which are absolutely free.
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