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I just bought some PLR products wit master resale rights and sales pages to go with it. I contacted and if I can use their payment processor to sell PLR products and the said no.

What payment processor can I use to sell PLR products as I cannot accept paypal payments

Or can I just use the salespage and make it mine (change the names on the ebook to mine and on the website to mine) and I wont have to worry about If its a PLR?

Please I need response its killing me

Thanks in advance
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    ream the licnes file in the pack if they are allowing you to change the information you are allowed , anyway try paypal as payment solution
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    pay by bank cheq
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    Did you consider Clickbank?
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    How about webmoney?
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      Originally Posted by Luissy View Post

      How about webmoney?
      If he / she uses web money, they won't get any customers. It's too hard even loading money into that system to pay.

      Original Poster, when you say you have 'Master Resell Rights', are you saying you now OWN this and no one else can sell it?

      If so, it's no longer a "PLR" product.. it's your product...

      If you go ask a car dealership can you sell a car you're renting from from a car rental company, they'll tell you no.... If you come sell them a car you bought from the car rental company, it's no problem.

      You dont have to tell anyone it's a PLR product if you own the master rights to it. That mean you can do whatever you want with it.

      You can use paypal, moneybookers or whatever to sell this.
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    2checkout is something which I will be testing out myself very soon. There have been mixed reviews so far but it would still be a good idea to have a look at it before jumping to conclusions.
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    You need to check out the license that was packed with it. A lot of MRR products do not allow you to change it ... only to resell as it is. PLR products often allow you to change it. You cannot resell these products on the Warrior Forum as a WSO though. A WSO must be your own unique product or a unique product that was made exclusively for you.

    You can however, sell it in the Classified section of the WF
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    I use e-junkie to sell PLR packs I have written and have had no problems.
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