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by greff
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When people put up gigantic PLR/MRR packages for a very low price, how do we, the buyers, know they have permission to grant these rights? I know that the rights are often (but not always) spelled out within the product info, but how do we know this when we buy the offer?

Isn't it similar to the graphics permission issue?

What am I missing?
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      i've seen guys selling piles of PLR and they don't have any resell rights nor they even know what that is. Dumies ..... with the new 3G kick ass softwares everything could be undone, people delete the pages of ebook where it's copyright info is given or replace it with reseller rights and sell it as PLR.

      so there is not exact way of knowing....
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        If you are going to deal heavily with PLR and MRR buy it from people you can trust. Then you still have to read the terms very carefully.

        I had to fine tune my thinking on PLR. Many PLR packages come with MRR and in the licence you find you have MRR but can't pass on the PLR rights, and many other unique conditions.

        Now I just buy from people smarter than me and very well known "names" who do their homework. Then you have, not only, the original terms but the terms interpreted by someone else in the know.

        George Wright
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