Is Yahoo Answers good for list building for non-IM niche?

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I am wondering whether Yahoo Answers is a good source to build list for non-Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche. Have any of you tried it out and what's your results?

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    I know somebody that uses it regularly. He even has some of the best answers for a particular question. He says it brings very good traffic for his non-IM niches.
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    When you said "very good traffic", does it mean the quantity or the quality? I mean, did those traffic convert into buyers or subscribers? Thanks.
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    Yes! Yahoo Answer is a good source for traffic, you can
    will get organic traffic I mean quality traffic if you
    "construct your strategy" very well, for not
    to get ban, I have read most people complaining about
    their account get ban, this because they have abuse the committee.
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    I found it good in the beginning for both traffic and sign-ups but after a while my account got suspended so I don't use it anymore. IMO there are a lot other easier ways to drive traffic/build a list that Yahoo Answers...but perhaps it worthwhile to have in your arsenal, as part of your overall strategy.
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    I've got a few level 2 accounts with Yahoo Answers.

    Traffic generation - maybe I don't get it but I don't see much traffic from Yahoo Answers and can only attribute a few sales to it.
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    I hate Yahoo anwsers! I built up a few level 2 accounts, only to get them banned. One I admit, it was on its way to get banned. But the other, I played by the rules through in a link "my site" every now and then. I even answered some top questions with good information!

    I dunno, I have not yet gone back to trial and error again, since it just wasted my time.
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    I have stop using Yahoo Answers, I never could get satisfying results :confused:

    Right now, I prefer to use Solo Ads. I think Solo Ads is the fastest way to build a list.
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    • Yahoo Answers can bring you steady traffic. Just make sure you provide compelling answers. The goal of this site is to help people find answers to their problems, so you should come up with practical solutions. Using Yahoo Answers is a great way to show your knowledge and build trust.
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    Originally Posted by HansDavid View Post

    I am wondering whether Yahoo Answers is a good source to build list for non-Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche. Have any of you tried it out and what's your results?

    Yahoo answers is great for list building as well as bringing targeted traffic to your site.
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    Yahoo answers can be a great source of targeted traffic, particularly outside IM/MMO niches. In my experience, it is virtually impossible to post answers in this niche without getting your account banned.

    But in other niches, it can bring in an amazing amount of traffic. People are actively searching for solutions to their problems, so if you give detailed helpful answers with a link to your site where they can get more genuinely useful information, it works incredibly well.

    Your main target is not the person asking the question, but the hundreds (or thousands) of others who search Yahoo answers, or Google (where Yahoo Answers still ranks well).

    Provide real value, and Yahoo Answers can be a great source of targeted traffic.
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    Most definitely. Like others have mentioned here, yahoo answers is a good traffic strategy only
    Outside the IM market and only when you give great value.
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    There are so many different social media methods. I have let this one slip. But, reading the answers of Adriana and Val inspire me to re-ignite my YahooAnswers account. Thanks.
    David Sneen
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    YA worls best in non-im niche. YOu can still use it in internet marketing niches but with less success. The community is pretty literate there!. They dont fall for hype and BS that is present in IM niches.

    Also a great myth is that Amazon does well on YA! It doesnt!

    Best is Services and health/dating!
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