Beginner IM here seeking good advice about getting started

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Alright here's the deal.

I'm turning 27 in July and was born with a physical disability called cerebral palsy. 2 years ago I was featured in news media here in greater Toronto for climbing the CN Tower (I use a walker to get around and what not)

Anyway, with the services I use to get around and my day job totally eating my hours in a day away I need to find ways to make money online.

I'm currently working on my first motivational book and it sparked the idea that I should write products to be vended on click bank but I don't know the first thing about creating a landing page.

I also thought about renting exact mach domains with top ranking to businesses in my suburb but I have read a million posts saying that's dead because of Penguin (whatever that is)

I have also thought about dropshipping, I've heard mixed things about worldwide brands and really they all seem shady because of upfront fees.

Can anyone help me sort this all out? I really feel if I made a product including a book and DVDs on "How to Dominate Your Disability" it could work for me as something that would free my time and make money while I sort out other things but feedback would be awesome

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    Originally Posted by jchoros View Post

    Alright here's the deal.

    Can anyone help me sort this all out? I really feel if I made a product including a book and DVDs on "How to Dominate Your Disability" it could work for me as something that would free my time and make money while I sort out other things but feedback would be awesome

    Hey there

    Wow, inspiring post, and congratulations on what you have achieved.

    Just another thought, a good market you could relate to, is aiming at helping parents who have children who have dissabilities? You'd be adding a lot of value to their lives, and probably make good money in the process.

    The one thing you need to think about RIGHT from the start, is building a list of people who later can become your customers of members of your programs.

    Good luck

    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    Good to see that you have more than one idea going on - a lot of people find it hard to come up with idea's but you seem to have that down

    From what you mentioned I'd tend to go with your own product. From your own experiences (like climbing the Tower) it sounds like you have a really good Motivational course/ebook in you.

    "How to Dominate Your Disability" sounds like a great angle to come at it with. This sounds like a very specialized sub-niche so I doubt you would have as many competitors as say something like "Mens Fitness" or any of the other big ones.

    I think you could use your own back story and experiences to position yourself as an expert/authority figure in this area pretty quickly. Creating Landing Pages and websites aren't a big issue and can be put together quite easily in due course. There are many wordpress powered sites that almost build themselves so I wouldn't worry about that aspect of it too much.

    - Noel.
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    Jchoros, first let me commend you for writing about your situation. I believe it will become one of the most inspiring books.

    You have heard something negative about EMDs. It is the strongest type of domain name you can ever get. It all depends on how you use it. In your case, go for it, it is well defined and will achieve it's purpose.

    Start with marketing your ebook, and create your own brand (yourself). You will be a strong marketing tool. Do not fear going that route.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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      What you heard about EMDs is BS. That said, I wouldn't depend entirely on EMDs, but I've done quite well using them. In your case, I would make a book, try to get it on Lulu (allows you to publish eBooks and physical books for no charge) and get the ball rolling on both Lulu for personal development and with friends.
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        Hey you are an amazing inspiration to many people. There have been some very good actionable suggestions from people in this thread. I would recommend creating a product around your case and show people how they can achieve what you have been able to achieve. The fact that you have done some wonderful things you make a good case study for others going through similar problems as yours. You have had some media coverage in the past and you can highlight that to build credibility and social proof. I am sure your product will be one of the very best for your target market as you have been there and done that.

        Wishing you all the very best
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    I'm not sure what your budget looks like, but dont let the fact you've never made a landing page deter you...

    Anything and everything you need, you can seek help via Odesk, or some other freelance site.. Odesk is the cheapest however.

    There are tons of self help books on ebay.. the niche you are trying to market to, possibly people with disabilities, I'm not sure how to corner / find those customers.. but once you learn that, I believe you could be very successful.
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    I have been marketing to people in North Carolina who need wheelchair ramps. So I have some idea about how to build a market for disabled prospects.

    Because you can write, articles should work out well for you. There aren't a lot of articles easily available for your market. There are also forums you can contribute to.

    I would concentrate on downloadable articles and books.

    You can become an expert in your niche.
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    I would defiantly start a blog using Wordpress. If you can't pay for hosting and it sounds like you can, you can do it free at Word press. You'll have some growing pains but if you can climb a building, you can over come WP learning curve. Its not very bad.

    Write a couple of times a week, every other day if you can, it takes some time to build it up. It will help you establish yourself as an authority. Dude, don't underestimate yourself, that story is golden. Its why you're getting so many comments here.

    Like the other said, get on some forums too. Don't promote yet just post and offer as much help as you can.

    About a year and half ago I wrote my first "pitch page" for clickbank. It was a mess. I asked for help on a IM forum and I got it. With that help the page converts very well. And I've learned.

    On your pitch page stress benefits not features of your product. That's rule one. Your very top portion of the pitch page has to grab their attention.

    Write your pitch page so it is scanable. I use to hate those kinds of pages but they work. By scanable I mean break it up into sections with sub headlines. Use bullet points. People are busy, you grab them with the headlines and sub headlines and if you do, they might read the rest or they might read parts and then click buy. I tend to read parts. haha. Sometimes I read word for word but if those headlines don't grab the reader, its over.

    If possible add a video. I know a great course for that but I don't know if I can post the link. Send me a PM if you like and I'll get it for you without an affiliate link.

    Video really helps, I always look for it myself as like most people I don't want to read all that junk. If you tell the story of your product in the video, you're likely to do much better.

    Drop shipping, I tried that. Yeah, they ask for upfront prices because once your in, most of the products will be out of stock, sold by 10,000 other people on eBay and usually for less than you can buy it "wholesale." Sometimes I wonder if there are not a lot of shoplifters selling products on eBay. lol Only kidding eBay sellers. I could never get products cheap enough to compete.
    Well, rarely.

    I would really put the breaks on the drop shifting unless you know someone personally as a friend that you can trust.

    You're own product is clearly the way to go. If you can find some related affiliate products that will work after the sale. Don't forget to get your buyers in an email list. aWeber or iContact or something along those lines.

    You need to learn about Penguin if you decide to do any backlinking. First build a good website. Finish that book (consider selling it on Kindle too) and read as much as you can.

    Find a few good Internet marketers that you trust and follow them.
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    Hey J,
    First off congrats on overcoming your challenge to the point of climbing the CN Tower.. holy moley.. I have a hard enough time going up it in the elevator!

    I also have a sister with Cerebral Palsy, so know the challenges.

    I agree with Noel, up above (Not the first time, btw Noel)

    I think creating your own product is the way to go..

    Possibly even a WSO,

    Or maybe even start by just writing an eBook or two and getting it up on amazon..

    Just a few ideas..

    Good luck to you.

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    you have 2 choices to choose from when learning about IM buy the course from Anthony Morrison i suggest not watching the intro page because it is all about hype, just buy the product you will be saving yourself allot of time. He goes through everything you need know about first starting out online or you can go to Adam Short teaches you the same thing and more. He basically covers everything you will ever need to know about making money online and he has proficient tools you can use.
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    Hey jchoros,

    You have a great story and really inspiring,

    If you have any videos of you climbing the CN Tower or any media footage you can use that story and can use that as leverage and post to youtube then link back to a blog.

    Using your story as leverage and helping others you can start building a following. Using forums, Guest blogging, Press Releases, Video and social media for people who have similar storys

    You can easily release a little book on amazon for kindle so you will look like you are an authority and someone to look up to.

    and then release more products and ideas you have because people will see you are that authority and built up a large following


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    Originally Posted by jchoros View Post

    Alright here's the deal.

    I'm turning 27 in July and was born with a physical disability called cerebral palsy....
    Hi there

    I am familiar with CP, as my architect has it......he is excellent btw...

    My 18yr old son is on the autistic spectrum, and I am teaching him how to design and fill wordpress sites, promote his own digital music, and learn time mgmt and business skills.... we know what it is like.

    I will help you any way I me via my profile.

    All the best,

    Jerry K
    N Ireland

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    Hi everyone thanks so much for the feedback, I am interested in IM topics as well as disability stuff so it's nice to get some perspective on things. I'm always looking to network so if anyone wants to PM me (I'm still 20 posts away from that) I'd love to build some relationships with pros

    PS to you all, I was thinking maybe a WSO would be a great way to go for my first attempt at launching something that way I don't have to worry about a pitch page for clickbank and can see if I actually have a decent product first,

    I've bought some WSOs, are they mainly meant to launch on clickbank or only used for this forum?? Thanks again everyone
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    I think you should stick with your own product on personal development. With your achievement so far, you can go far in this niche
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    If you want to learn how to build a real business, then you have to find an honest and professional mentor to follow.

    I highly recommend Eric Hulmlound. The director and producer of "The Next Internet Millionaire" reality show.

    He's a very honest teacher and you will diffidently find what you're looking for in his
    He will teach you everything you need to know to start your online business from A-Z for FREE.

    I would never see any success without his help. Just watch the first lesson and you will know what I'm taking about.

    I hope you find your way to success very soon
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    I have a medial background and have worked for over 30 years with those who have disability of all sorts - including CP, and you are an inspiration to everyone who has any sort of problem to overcome.

    If I were you I would start a blog ( around your disability specifically. Don't try to cast your net too widely just yet. CP is a big niche market both for those who have it, and those who are caring for those who have it.

    When your blog is up and running just talk about your day to day experiences to get an audience. Frequent the forums where your customers are, and direct them back to your blog.

    Get them to sign up to your free newsletter. Aweber will host your signup form, or you can cut and paste the code directly onto your blog. Your newsletter will contain your resources info, reviews and aff. links.

    Start to write your story of how you came to climb the tower and how you overcame your difficulties because of it. This will be your story! This is powerful and gives you real kudos. This story is why people should listen to you. Tell it often and everywhere you go until it's automatic and well practiced. You should produce it as a PDF and give it away free for those who sign up to your list.

    As all this is growing you need to start your book about how to overcome in life (or whatever you want to write about). This could be your first project and I would highly recommend you try to get a publisher to publish it. This will give you credibility almost immediately.

    You have a motivational career ahead of you, that's obvious:-) - good luck to you and God bless you.

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    Hi, I'm same like you just started. I've bought successwithanthony program. It is a very basic but really good for a newbie to startup. And yeah, his promo video is too tempting to let you believe he could really make someone earn hundred bucks within an hour. Just forget it :p I think real solid business really need time. I have an offline business running and I know his long to take it run successfully to earn

    Design Your Life! @

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    in short :

    1. if you want to go with your own product then I will suggest you to measure the demand with google keyword tool, like how many people are already looking for that kinda product these days, if there's enough demand , then go for it, sell it via facebook, etc.
    2. if you think the demand wasn't enough, then you can start your own internet marketing business, go to the WSO and you can look for 1 proven business model and focus on that one like 1 - 3 months . Just one model at a time, you'll find success.

    only few shinny flashy products on the net telling us to make money online are real, and I think some WSO can be considered as good value, while some other considered as high value. If there's a chance, I think you should take the one on one coaching, just not to waste time.

    Wish you all the best , God bless you

    For best hostel in malang & good crypto stock blog :

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    I agree with Ian Greenwood above.

    Some of the best advice I ever got was this: Lead with your STRENGTH!

    ie, start with the things that you are strongest in, and get help with or outsource the rest.

    You have strengths, and certainly a strong area of personal expertise. Let that be the starting place of your product development career.

    PM me when you get up to 50, and I will do all I can to help.

    --Jerry K
    JerryKuzma . com

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    Try Ed Dales Challenge course. Yes it is a sales pitch but he does teach some great stuff for absolutely free. That's how I got into the whole IM thing.
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