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I wanted to see what all of you were doing for email addresses when creating new websites. If you create a new website do you use gmail for example to create an email address for use with social media etc.? I figure this would be better if I ever sell the sites as opposed to using my hosting. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.
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    If it were me I wouldn't want to be associated with a g-mail address. Your not guaranteed security and privacy, and furthermore leave yourself wide open to spam.
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      Thanks for the response. I guess the question is more should I create a free web based email address for each site as opposed to creating a for each website so that if I sell the site I can give the new owner the twitter/facebook/pinterest account associated with domain.
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    For what it's worth, an @mydomain email address comes across as more credible to the person getting the email.

    Think about it this way....Would you be willing to trust if their support email address was or
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      I 100% agree that is why I am having trouble deciding between the professional look or ease of selling the site down the road. Thanks for your feedback everyone!
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    I create email addresses for the specific domain through the hosting provider.
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    I create a gmail account for every new domain and then use Set Default Address in CPanel to Send all unrouted email to this gmail address. This way any email sent to will go to the gmail account. The good thing about this that you can invent any email address for this domain without having to actually set it up.

    I also create Youtube and Twitter accounts for all my domains linked to the domains gmail account.

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