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do u know any other sites that sell images like

i know there are a lot of others but none offer the same quality as istockphoto. at least i didn't find any site like this.

the problem is the prices are getting higher all the time.

thanks in advance.
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    Search flickr for creative commons files

    It really depends on what you are looking for and whether they suit your needs - bigstock is pretty good and reasonable for web res images.
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    Hi Mate....

    Till Now I could find these big resources alternative to iStockPhotos

    123 Royalty Free

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    I agree with Reasonable prices.
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      Originally Posted by kolkiwi View Post

      I agree with Reasonable prices.
      Same! I actually sell photos on there, so in the end it breaks even

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        I use for some stuff. They seem to have a reasonable range.

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    thanks everyone. i will check out Fotolia and shutterstock

    and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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    If you're looking for photos for your blog then check out the Wordpress Plugin PhotoDropper.

    It is superb.

    You just enter a search term so if you want an image of a businessman, then type "Businessman" it will then search Flickr for photos that have rights for you to post it. It will then post the necessary attribution to the end of your post and so on.

    Works really well if you want totally free images.
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    Have a look at Photo Wizard for royalty free stock photos you can purchase large format single images for only $.99 Royalty Free Stock Photos
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    I've been very happy with - for both free and paid images.
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    I have been using shutter stock & have been very pleased with it. It has a wide variety of images and options to choose from.
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    Here's a trick I use to find similar sites in general -
    Google ""

    Googling "" returns 193 similar sites.
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