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Hello Warriors,

Who is involved into mobile app business and how is going? Than you started this type of business? It is proffitable? How hard it is to jump in to mobile app's and have good success?

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    I don't have any mobile apps, but I have read up on this.

    This business can be EXTREMELY hard to get into. With there being a gazillion android and iphone apps, 90% of the time free.. how are you going to get yours to stand out?

    Mobile apps also cost more to make... Maybe double, of what a normal windows program costs.. because their are fewer programmers that do this type of work.

    I watched an episode of shark tank, and even the millionaires and billionaires on there were saying they didn't want to go into the mobile app business that one wannabe entrepreneur was proposing.

    With all of that said, of course nothing is impossible... If you can come up with an evolutionary app, or something EXTREMELY fun, addictive or interesting.. Get some type of trademark or patent on it, or the best you can do.. Put it out there for free and learn the best way to promote it..

    Of course you can have success. But it can depend on it going viral, or spending a lot of marketing dollars that you may not ever get back. So it's not easy.

    I wouldn't suggest it unless you have a lot of money sitting aside and can afford a bit of a gamble.
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    Yes,I have heard same thing about app business, I also think what it is extremely hard and expensive to start. But this business interesting as it growing very fast and maybe it is perfect time to jump on it. Maybe there are some good ebooks about mobile apps?
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    I am also interetsed in mobile apps. I feel it might vety lucrative and timely. Hope others will share their experience here.
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