The best WSO you could ever buy... (that works!)

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If you've ever wondered which WSO is the best one to buy here is you answer.

First though, you have to have a rough idea of the market you want to go into. Let's say you're into the offline stuff.

The BEST WSO you can buy is the one that seems to answer the questions you have at the moment - buy a MAXIMUM of 2 WSOs(not more!) on that particular topic.

Then put what you discover into action.

Even if you already know the stuff in there, just put it to action.

Even if you don't think it will work - put it to action.

Even if you can find the info for free elsewhere - just put it to action.

Then based on your experience refine what you've learnt and possibly buy more products in THAT SAME AREA. Then put it into action.

You'll start experiencing results - maybe not what you wanted but you'll be closer to success. And then one day, you'll find yourself in the big leagues.
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    Good post, good advice. I see WSOs are articles/magazines and booklets rather than total solutions. There are some really good WSOs that help you do a specific job (such as wordpress plug ins and mobile website templates for example). The offline genre is one I've found particularly good value in lately. Lots of cool (and cheap!) tools being released lately that really helped push my knowledge up in areas I would have been struggling to get a grip on otherwise. Real tools that help you perform useful tasks that help real businesses make real money are becoming more and more prevalent and I like the trend and what I'm seeing these days in the WSO forum.

    A good skill has got to be worth investing several hundred dollars in learning about. I'm particularly referring to the mobile niche but anything that gives you skills that can help hard working business owners market their wares better or wider is always worth it and cheap at twice the price. A good collection of carefully chosen WSOs from some of the most respected Warriors can go a long way. I think of them as tools for my toolkit.
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    “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”- Anthony Robbins

    Action is everything
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    Exactly. And you need to stay on course until you get a result or choose to change strategy.

    However, we tend to gather information without taking enough action. Which ultimately renders the information useless.
    "Those who can - DO IT. Those who can't, say it's impossible."
    Jean Paul a.k.a AdwordsMogul - Top of the range PHP developers

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    I totally agree, you educate yourself on the subject as much as possible,
    Then put into test and implement in it. You keep going and going until you
    See results. Don't ever quit,

    "You could'ev been very close to success when you quit! (Eric Louvier)

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    I try something new ever month from methods I already have and then give them a good trial,good thread.
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