YouTubers Get Ready For Parrot 1.0

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That is, of course, a jab at Google's digital maltreatment of innocent animals. The company is making yet another series of major changes within its video portal that will undoubtedly sweep more short 'Google-deemed' irrelevant videos under the bus. This, in favor of longer, more engaging content: YouTube's Video Views Are Falling -- By Design | Digital - Advertising Age

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    Thanks for the link.

    What a surprise, right?.. "It's an intended consequence of the Google-owned site's shift from a video search engine filled with snack-size content to a full-fledged, couch-potato-optimized entertainment destination."...

    ..."After investing $100 million to create content channels, YouTube's focus has shifted from directing viewers to videos of skateboarding dogs to enticing them into longer, more engaging videos--the kind that are, not incidentally, more appealing to advertisers."...

    How interesting... Where do people go - pinterest etc.?...

    Thanks again for the link.
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      After investing $100 million to create content channels
      haa, they should've outsourced. Probably coulda got some 8-year-old slave labor in Malaysia to do the job for $1200.

      Sorry, couldn't resist.

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        With great change comes great opportunities.

        I wonder how the YouTube marketers will adapt. This will weed out those who know what they're doing and those just skimming by eh
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    I'm realtively new to IM (adsense, amazon) - is youtube a viable income stream?

    I know popular bloggers who can draw 100k viewers to every video have it made, but is there a way to make money without such a dedicated subscriber base? Product review vids perhaps?
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    Parrot 1.0 is already here. It seems that Youtube has better tracking now and can measure the watcher-video interaction better. The longer a visitor stays, the more points the video gets.
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    This will pay of big time if you've making "quality" videos, not just 10 second videso telling your viewers to click the link in the description box.

    Personally I like it.

    James Scholes
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      [QUOTE=xxxJamesxxx;6349541... not just 10 second videso telling your viewers to click the link in the description box.


      I'll be so happy if they can really get rid of those. I don't know how difficult it will be for legit marketers (yet), but the videos that says "youtube won't let me post this so go to my site bla bla bla" or anything along those lines are no good for anyone. Those have to go.

      One of the Google properties I am still using on a daily basis. Would love to see they clean up the mess.


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    Yup this does sound like good news to me as well, havn't been doing any youtube stuff in a while
    so it's good to keep up with the trends.
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    I predicted this already. I call this the orca update.

    The animals are always black & white. Signifying the difference between black hat and white hat. Panda and penguin are black and white
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