Where do you get content idea from?

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i use keyword suggestion tool. Thats how I find titles to write about. Any other interesting ideas?
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    Go to the sources of where people share great content.


    Look at the most popular and newest topics. Tons of ideas right there.

    Those are just a few very basic ways to get ideas from. There's so many ways man.
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      Just write down what people want, need, desire, or lust after. Then take your pick as to which niche you go for.

      If it doesn't work out for you, return to your list.

      If it doesn't work out for you again, your in the wrong business.
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    Well you got to have a base niche...

    What I would do is use Google News or Google Alerts. That way you can get the latest information and see whats trending.

    Also youtube is a great one for me. The trending videos within every niche always revolve around whats hot.

    Hope that helps!
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    You could try Yahoo Answers and see what question has been asked that are popular.
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      Originally Posted by kolkiwi View Post

      You could try Yahoo Answers and see what question has been asked that are popular.
      I used to do that :rolleyes:
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    You can try Google Trends - take a look at the hot searches and see what's popular at the moment.
    Google Trends
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    Find things that you like...that affect you....that move you....and then write about it.
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    See what types of magazine are available in your subject. Then see what kind of articles they're using.

    Visit forums on the topic and see which questions come up most often.

    Visit amazon and use the look inside feature to see what chapters are offered in books on your subject.

    Don't copy - adapt.

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    Finding great things to write about means more than just coming up with a good keyword to put in a title. You'll need to keep track of developments in your niche, so that you're offering your readers the latest and most important information. (That's also why it's so important to find a niche that you can read about for hours on end without wanting to bang your head against the wall! Otherwise, you'll never be able to keep up with things like you should.)

    Rose gave you some great ideas, and here's another -- go through your inbox. If someone takes the time to email you with a question or concern, just think of all the people who have the same question or concern, but didn't bother to email you about it. I've come up with tons of blog post and article ideas just from going through my emails!
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    I get great ideas for content off forums. I also like to flip things around and write posts that take the piss out of marketing systems that clearly don't work. There are plenty of ideas for posts out there, i find it hard to believe people don't know what to be writing about.
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    Contents of newspapers are always interesting and can provide an idea of recent trends with what people are talking about.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    For small or large businesses the best people to ask are your frontline and sales staff. The best content comes from the questions your customers or target market are asking. Google can be very helpful for this or search online forums such as this one for what people are talking/asking about. Basically, find the questions and answer them = great content.

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    I use WF search and look at current problems that other Warriors had...

    Then, I write articles that solve the problems.
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    One simple method is just find questions people are asking and provide answers in your content.

    Forums are an excellent way to do hits, since people are directly asking what they are most
    interesting in and want to know. Whatever you notice people are having problems with and are
    interesting to know - provide answers and information.
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    If you already know the topics you want to write about, and you are just looking for title ideas, then you can use Yahoo answers. It's a great resource. Websites like ezinearticles.com can also give you ideas on what to write about. Hope this helped.
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