Your Spammy Comments are Hurting My Subs

by dle45
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For that last couple of months I have been getting spammy comments on my youtube videos...such as

" Fat Combust Factors (do a google search) kept appearing here on different Youtube videos thus I thought they were scam. But after my co-worker used it, and lose alot of unwanted fats, Im convinced. Go ahead, look for Fat Combust Factors on google."

I have several videos that I made that get hundreds of views a day and I actually help people, get lots of phone calls and thousands of emails.

I'm tired of deleting comments everyday from Youtube channels who make comments like this and the channels have only been around for two days and the only comments they make are like the one above.

It's on the same level as spamming forums.

I had to block all comments and hurt all my subs or first time viewers because a few spammers want me to "google fat combust factor"....

Seriously....It has become ridic
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    Moderate your comments and only publish legit ones. The only people who have a problem with comment moderation are spammers.
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    People who are riding on your gravy train don't care what harm they may be causing for others.

    Some people just seem to think that the rest of us create great content to give them a platform for their garbage ads.
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      Yep, it's just like running a blog. Just block all comments and only publish proper comments. It's easier that way than have to delete all the spam ones that keep coming endlessly.

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        Okay. I'm confused.

        Does anyone really believe these creeps are going to read a post in a forum and modify their behavior?

        Most of the ones actually doing it are just taking work they think they need to feed their families. The real thieves are the ones paying them, and they don't give a damn if they have to burn $10 of your income to make 10 cents, as long as they can keep piling up those dimes. Do you think they care if they destroy your business?

        History has shown that the answer to that question is a simple "No."

        Parasites don't stop to consider if they're killing their host.

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Eh.. spammy comments are a problem. Approving comments is better, but can be annoying & time consuming.
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    Unfortunately, you have to moderate all comments, like in a blog. Yes it takes time, however, view it as part of your overall SEO process.

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    Hi OP,

    I actually did google "fat combust factor" out of curiosity so i guess their spamming is

    I for now cant think of anyway to counter this sort of spam, best to only monitor your comments..

    I have a video in a fairly competitive niche , and all my comments to any other comments are heavily FLAGGED by bots..
    so my comments cant be displayed I get the ( cant show because of low ratings).. which is horrible.

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    I hope I never facing that.......
    it must be annoying
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      the spam never freakin ends...does it?

      I feel for you...just moderate your comments, that's all you can do.

      good luck!
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    If you have very less time to spend in moderating your youtube comments, try hiring a VA. Go to the Warriors for Hire section. I believe I saw one or two Warriors selling their VA services there. Nonetheless, it's worth if if you can monitor it yourself, at least on the first 2 to 3 weeks, so you can provide feedback to your VA just in case you decide to outsource the job.
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