breakthrough feature offered by facebook !

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In case you guys are aware, today facebook announce a new feature, allow you to schedule your post

Dont know about you guys thought, but this is awesome to me !
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    This looks like a useful feature that's surely going to be used by marketers.
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    Another nice new simple little features by Mark Zuckerberg It's simple but needed...
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    Would be interesting to a lot of the companies out there offering automated facebook posting software
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      This is a very useful feature that Facebook has come out with. I can see myself using this in many ways.
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    i like this feature....
    cleaver mark....
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    This will come in very handy. You can pre-plan promotions and posts according to events on the calendar.

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      Maybe that's what the IPO was lacking.
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    Nice, keep it coming although it's getting hard to keep up with all the Facebook changes.
    As one who publishes Facebook Guides, I think I'll have to change it to a weekly newsletter instead

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    hi friend,your article is good for me
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    This definitely open up doors to a lot of opportunity. However I am wondering if there are any limitation with this schedule posting feature...
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    Really nice feature. Great for marketers who can't spend all day monitoring their facebook pages.
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    Small but useful features! Another intelligent knock of Facebook.

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