LinkShare or Comminsion Junction?

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If you had to choose between the two, which would you choose and why?
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    Depends on what you want to promote - I am not only with just one company, I am with about 8 others as well.

    Which one I go with depends on the product I am promoting at the time.

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    I am an affiliate with both and have been for several years. They are very good. I think it is a good idea to belong to several affiliate networks as they all bring something positive to the table. Check out Offer Vault for more good affiliate networks and CPA training.
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    CJ by a mile for being able to quickly and easily signup with a merchant and get a link. Linkshare has closed the gap over the past few years, but in my book it has long had the worst interface for trying to create an affiliate link. If you have multiple websites it is real easy to pick which one to associate with a link. Linkshare is a mess requesting separate approval for each.

    Ultimately it depends on the merchant and how they fit into your website. But if the merchant is on CJ and LS I'd go with CJ.

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    I has forgot If I has tried one of them......
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    They both have quite outdated user interfaces, but at least CJ works consistently.

    But the bottom line is that you probably need to work with both, because they both offer different companies/products.
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    I am working with CJ. So I am preferring Comminsion Junction already..
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    It all depends on which companies/products you want to promote.
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    It really depends on who you are promoting. Some larger companies with be with both but most will be with one or the other. I would suggest using both. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

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