HELP!!! The Critical First 7 Days of the Follow Up

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I'm currently in the process of building a brand new follow up sequence. And a word of wisdom once taught me to seek counsel from many and the answers will reveal themselves. (Or something like that...)

Now I have one single goal that *MUST* be accomplished within the first seven days of the new leads joining my list.

And that goal is to double my investment of acquiring the new leads within the first seven days. For example, if I spend $280 on a solo ad, within seven days of the blast going out, I would want to net $560 (Or more).

I know this is possible, and of course split-testing is the only true way for me to get that point with in the back-end funnel.

But that isn't my question...

This is, I don't just want to send out pitches the first seven days. I need to start developing relationships first. And the best way to do this is be providing them with REAL results that they can use.

So my question is, *Pretend you just joined my list for the lead magnet (Viralpress) which is a squeeze/sales page creator add-on for WordPress.

So, I know you are interested in list building and that is what I think the main focus on the content pieces should be about with in the first seven days. However, what is it that I should teach and show?

What is it that YOU would want to learn, or have me send you within the first seven days that will produce for you a REAL result.

And to add to my frustrations, I know from past experiences that not everybody is on the same level. Meaning, some people are total newbies and need help creating a squeeze page, while others are advanced and don't need help building a squeeze page, they need help on building a cash producing asset.

So, the only thing that I could come up with is this...

...I call it a living follow up sequence, and it works like this.

I create three days of nothing but pure content. Starting with creating the squeeze page, then adding the oto's and up-sells and finally getting traffic.

And at the end of each of the three video pieces, I do a small pitch for them to join me on a live web cast show. Where I go into more depth helping them on a one-on-one basis.

That way, I'm starting to develop a relationship with the new leads, by developing the content pieces for them and for the people that join me on the live show, getting them REAL results. Stuff like, if they need help creating copy for a squeeze page, I help them create that copy.

...Oh, and the way I was thinking about monetizing that is two fold.

First, sponsors for ad spots during the live web cast show.

Second, by the sponsors banner ads promoting via affiliate marketing.

In other words, get sponsors to pay me to place a banner under the live feed (it rotates so I can have as many sponsors as I can) and then when somebody clicks on the banner ad and purchases, they are clicking on my affiliate link and I make a commission.

The reason why I'm liking this method of monetization is because I'm not being that pushy sales person, and they only people who are buying something is because they are generally interested in the produce via advertising.

Anyway, before this gets to long, what are your thoughts?

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