My sites have been down for over 24 hours!!! (Media Temple is hosed!)

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Hey all,

I've received tons of email, phone calls, tweets, and facebook posts about my various sites being "offline" and throwing 301 errors for the last day. Trust me, I'm still very much here and trying to be as patient as possible while my sub-par hosting company Media Temple works to resolve their issues.

I moved to Media Temple almost 18 months ago, and until now have been relatively happy with them. We've had a few outages here and there, but nothing as bad as this. This is just carelessness and lack of regard for your customers - and it highlights the fact that they are ill-equipped to deal with system outages, lack a cohesive fail over plan, and basically just screwed the pooch.

What has me totally flabbergasted though is that they market their grid servers as totally fault tolerant... as a matter of fact, their own marketing materials say:

"Beyond simple load balancing, the Grid uses an ever-expanding "cluster of clusters" all working together to serve your site with blazing fast response times. Resource limits, hardware failures and everything else you hate about shared hosting is history! The Grid was designed and built with numerous layers of redundant hardware, software, network and power systems. Downtime caused by device failures will be a distant memory once you switch to The Grid."

What a crock!

Something happened to bring down their entire storage cluster and now hundreds/thousands of websites are "hard down"...

So, I'm trying my best to be patient.

Trust me - I've got something very special planned for all my customers as soon as this all gets resolved... just my way of saying thanks for hanging tight while this gets fixed.

If you're interested, you can watch their flail their way through this incident at: (mt) Media Temple - (mt) weblog System incidents
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    That sucks.

    A few years ago my hosting company was down for a couple of days.

    After that I spread my sites around to 5 hosting companies so if any one of them does go down I only lose 20% of my income.
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    OUCH! I've heard only good things about Media Temple up until now, although I don't use them myself.

    Good luck Cam. I hope you're back up shortly.

    100% atrocity-free! No annihilations, assasinations, explosions, killers, crushers, massacres, bombs, skyrockets or nukes.

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    I honestly don't think grid computing is ready to be implemented for shared hosting. It's much better to go with an affordable dedicated server if your site is busy.
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    Yea that's bad news. I'm glad I know about them now.
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