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I want to release a report for sale on this forum. My questions are:

1. can I release the report under both( WSO, warrior classifieds) or do I have to choose? and

2. if I have to choose, which one gets the most traffic and exposure or would be the most suitable place to place the ad.

3. do I have to be part of the war room in order to release a WSO?

I just need to know how much money I need to transfer over to my spending account.

Someone plz help
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    I have not seen anyone releasing his product in both WSO forum and classified section so I am not sure that you can do it.

    If you have a unique product which is originally created by you then you must choose to Launch it in WSO foum, you will get much more exposure and sales

    You must have a War Room Membership to lauch a WSO
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    Yes, you can sell it at both places, but the WSO forum does get more traffic.
    Also, you do need to be a war room member to post a WSO.

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    The other catch is that it has to be lower-priced in the WSO forum than anywhere else it is sold. When I was looking at a place to advertise my writing services, I considered both but ultimately went with the Classifieds section so that I wouldn't have to cut my pricing structure.

    WSOs are really supposed to be blockbuster programs or services that serve WF members by giving them a better deal than they could find, even on the product's own homepage. If you have a service, I'd stick to the classifieds; if it's some sort of product, then I'd go WSO.

    -- j

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    Yes, you have to be a War Room member to launch a WSO, but it's well worth it. Far more traffic in WSO forum than Classifieds. I never got much traffic from the Classifieds, so I don't use it anymore.
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    THANKS EVERYONE!!..I have made my decision, WSO...Again thanks to everyone for their contribution
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    You also have to pay $40 to post your WSO so in total you need to spend $77 as an investment in your future.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Yes, the WSO threads get a lot more traffic, but depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is initially, the classifieds area also works well. I have put free or review copies up in the classifieds area with a very good response. The product was a segment of a total product I plan to launch as a WSO shortly, so it was good to have the feedback. Additionally, the cost to post and bump is less than a WSO.

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