How does this site make money?

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I have a similar site to The AnswerBank - post questions and answers, and discuss topics of interest..

Other than the ads can you think of any ways they may be making money? I know they make good turnover.
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    If there's no item directly for sale it'd have to be ads.

    But within "ads" there are a number of things that could be done. Contextual ads, cpa, affiliate. I'd think affiliate ads might be good, you could work in relevant links based on the question being asked.
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    yu can offer some affiliate products and is cpa may be.
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    Other than ads I think You can a Premium Paid Community Access with Top Contributors Answering Peoples Questions and you may even share revenue with the Top Contributors

    I think it may work well

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    There is a post on there that asks that same question. The answer was that it is pretty much just the ads, but you need to get a lot of people to your site too so that the ads are shown to more people.

    They also might try to make money with their newsletter, I am not sure though.
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      Can you please link to the post
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    the answer bank. co. uk/ How- it- Works/ Question17211.html

    Just take out the spaces.
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    Try to promote it on Youtube and , this will help you get views,
    or post on blogs...
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    Advertising no doubt plays a part but I'm quite sure that they will also sell the survey answers to interested companies as market research. That's what I would do.
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    Yeah but the results of the polls are publicly displayed so who would want to buy them? I know they make at least $20k each month!
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